Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why have a ballroom with no balls?

Yes, I know, I have been neglecting. Sawwy, i boke it.

This is def. a hodgepodge of a blog post because, frankly, I'm too lazy to make multiple ones to separate it all. HA.

Aunt Bea left us for LA again.  Ok, she's only in Louisiana/Mississippi for 10 days, but I'm pretty sure I don't pay her to take a vacay whenever she wants, so she better get her Au Pair butt back here.

Ginny is enjoying summer vacay.  She is going a little stir crazy.  After being out all day with the kids, she told me (as I was leaving for my 4-hour class), I wanna go somewhere but I don't know where.  We had a getaway thanks for my parents.  We spent two nights in Vegas and saw Mystere, amazing!!!  We had a lot of fun and I still love Vegas.  We ate at the TI and Caesar's Palace buffets.  TI wasn't too bad for the price but Caesars was a little over priced, but still delicious.  We are determined to try all of the major buffets on the strip.

Kaylor (2.5 years) is starting to really make progress potty training.  Aunt Bea got her some flavored tootsie rolls. One if she teetee and two if she poops.  These are the same ones my mom used to potty train me.  Brandie came out of the womb potty trained because she SOOO cool.  Some funny things K1 says, "Can I have a lil bit of milk peese?" "You funny, I'm funny, We Funny." She's a hoot.  The boots in the picture were a gift for father's day.  She loves wearing shoes around the house, and barefoot outside.

Keagan (4 mos.) is trying to roll over.  She's much floppier than her sister was.  She also talks a lot more than she did.  Very giggly and laughs a lot.  She'll actually put her self to sleep more often than not, which is weird for us.  But she also loves to fall asleep in her swing.  She loves to suck her fingers, but they don't satisfy like her "plug" (pacifier) does.

I am still in school-yes. Still working at the chiro's office.  I am also taking photos on the side. Lemme know what you think and if you are in our area, hit me up!  I have unbeatable prices.