Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why have a ballroom with no balls?

Yes, I know, I have been neglecting. Sawwy, i boke it.

This is def. a hodgepodge of a blog post because, frankly, I'm too lazy to make multiple ones to separate it all. HA.

Aunt Bea left us for LA again.  Ok, she's only in Louisiana/Mississippi for 10 days, but I'm pretty sure I don't pay her to take a vacay whenever she wants, so she better get her Au Pair butt back here.

Ginny is enjoying summer vacay.  She is going a little stir crazy.  After being out all day with the kids, she told me (as I was leaving for my 4-hour class), I wanna go somewhere but I don't know where.  We had a getaway thanks for my parents.  We spent two nights in Vegas and saw Mystere, amazing!!!  We had a lot of fun and I still love Vegas.  We ate at the TI and Caesar's Palace buffets.  TI wasn't too bad for the price but Caesars was a little over priced, but still delicious.  We are determined to try all of the major buffets on the strip.

Kaylor (2.5 years) is starting to really make progress potty training.  Aunt Bea got her some flavored tootsie rolls. One if she teetee and two if she poops.  These are the same ones my mom used to potty train me.  Brandie came out of the womb potty trained because she SOOO cool.  Some funny things K1 says, "Can I have a lil bit of milk peese?" "You funny, I'm funny, We Funny." She's a hoot.  The boots in the picture were a gift for father's day.  She loves wearing shoes around the house, and barefoot outside.

Keagan (4 mos.) is trying to roll over.  She's much floppier than her sister was.  She also talks a lot more than she did.  Very giggly and laughs a lot.  She'll actually put her self to sleep more often than not, which is weird for us.  But she also loves to fall asleep in her swing.  She loves to suck her fingers, but they don't satisfy like her "plug" (pacifier) does.

I am still in school-yes. Still working at the chiro's office.  I am also taking photos on the side. Lemme know what you think and if you are in our area, hit me up!  I have unbeatable prices.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

He See The Tears That You Cry

Recently I saw a post on Facebook from my favorite LDS female singer, Hilary Weeks.  If you've never heard of her, she's legit.  The title of this post is from one of her songs and I relate it to the Atonement and Easter...and so are the pictures below. Please excuse the rosy cheeks and whispy hair. We have been putting K1's hair in pig tails but she took it out before we even got to church and it was already stuck in place with hairspray. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

doesn't have to be a snowman

The saga has continued.  After going home from the hospital, we needed to follow up with our pediatrician.  We saw her last Thursday and she was very concerned with K2's cough.  We had a few breathing treatments and were sent home with some antibiotics and a nebulizer.  The doctor was fearful K2 might have pertussis but we have since learned she does not.  She's much better now and we are definitely getting better. It was an ordeal and some sleepless nights.  However, she's made up for it now and has already slept for 8 hours one night.  She's going to bed around 9 and getting up around 5.  Last night, she slept around 1030, woke up a 430 for a lil snack and then not again until 630...we'll take it! 

Ginny goes back to work Monday.  She was supposed to start part time this week but we were a little preoccupied with K2's cough. 

And just to update on my schooling, I am about halfway done with the actually schooling part.  I have a portfolio class in two weeks that will determine if I have learned enough to continue with the program.  Then, in a little over a year, I can start my internship! 

Aunt Bea is doing a great job helping all of us!  Today, we are going eat Sushi and so freaking excited.  Ginny takes a sabbatical from sushi while pregnant.  OF COURSE, we have already eaten sushi since then. But we are going to our favorite place today!  

Monday, March 24, 2014

The past 36 hours

Saturday night was a little adventurous.  I had a little sinus infection a few weeks ago and I think I infected K1 with it.  Since K1 can't keep her hands, mouth, juice cup, milk cup, kisses, snuggles away from K2 (and neither can I-all except the juice and milk cups), K2 started getting a little mucusy Friday night.  She had a little trouble sleeping Friday but Saturday she was fine.  Saturday night, however, she was up with some gagging coughs and had already puked a belly full of mucus and milk.  Around 0430, after 4 hours of coughing and lack of sleep, we reluctantly went to the ER.  We are both stubborn and voted least likely to admit you child to the hospital for a common cold (parents, if your child is coughing, sneezing with other cold symptoms but still drinking and urinating well, it's probably safe to just hydrate them and keep them home.  You DO NOT need to go to an ER for the common cold or cold-like symptoms, maybe an urgent care but try to go to your PCP or family practitioner.).  However, since K2 is only four weeks old and has a poor immune system ( a pretty good one thanks to Ginny's desire to breastfeed ), we opted to have her checked out. With scares like pertussis (whopping cough), RSV, and influenza around we knew we should be better safe than sorry.  We arrived at the ER around 0450 Sunday morning, K2 was diagnosed with RSV, and we just made it home an hour ago (1230 Monday). We are so grateful for a priesthood blessing and our prompting to get her checked.  The hospital was not fun but we were definitely taken care of. She has a little nasal congestion but is still eating well.  We are also grateful from Aunt Bea taking care of the home front and Momma and Boppa for watching K1.  We definitely did not want to spend a day in the hospital, but thank goodness this little girl is a fighter and nothing can get her down! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

She's here!!!

Baby Keagan is finally here.  And here's the story of her entering our lives.

Early Friday 21 February morning, Ginny awoke around 230 with some birthing waves. We timed a few but they were not strong enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.  Our hospital was a bit closer this time and, let's face it, we are pros at birthin' dem babies naw.  Ginny tried to get some rest, and so did I.  Around 730, her birthing waves got closer but Ginny opted to stay home to be more comfortable in our bed.  We rested, watched some TV, took showers and prepared everything to head out the door.  Around 930, Ginny asked if we should go to the hospital, I was all for it.  On the way, Ginny mentioned, "I wanna have this baby by noon." I agreed but was not completely assured. We left and made it to the hospital around 10.  We were triaged and Ginny was 6 cm and 80 % effaced.  Needless to say, they admitted us.  I'll spare the gory details, like Brandie almost getting hit with amniotic fluid and such but after she came out, Ginny commented, "Tim, look at the clock." It was 1158.  I don't know how the woman does it, but she's my hero.  Here are the general stats. Keagan Marie, born Friday 21 February 2014 at 1158 (officially 1201, but we know it was 1158), 8 lbs. 9 oz. 19 inches.  She was very healthy.  We stayed in the hospital for a day then came home. We had a stint with the pediatrician after discharge for jaundice but K2 is much better now. Here are some pictures.  Please excuse the model status. I know we are beautiful people, especially with no sleep. It's in the Cajun blood.  Hopefully I can get some better shots of K2 in the next day or two. 

                                  Sorry for the dark quality, it just shows the weight on the scale.
                                                                   Happy Aunt Bea
                                                                I guess she looks like me.
                                                  My three ladies, big sister is so excited!
                                                             The first family photo
             The hospital gave us a celebratory meal. I had shrimp and Ginny had steak.  We halved each. I LOVED the mini Martinelli bottle.

 NEWS flash, Kaylor grabbed her pillow the day we came home, told us she wanted to go nigh nigh and fell asleep on the floor-----by herself. This NEVER happens.  We were completely shocked!!
The below picture is the newest of K2.  She had her eyes open all morning today.  Had to capture that sweet face.

Friday, January 31, 2014


After every storm, there's a rainbow.  At least, that's how my brain works.  I know I don't always see them but I know, somewhere, there's a rainbow.  It's what keeps me going through hard times.  This past week was a little rough on us.  Brandie (the artist formally known as Ouizer) and I both got up in the middle of the night to party.  And by party I mean get sick together.  And by sick I mean my entrails decided to party like it was 1999, and leave my body with a last big hoorah!  Y'all, I have never been so sick.  I think I've had the flu twice in my life. Once was the last two weeks of my mission and it stretched into the first week I was home.  That was a lengthy sickness, but I've never felt like this before.  No, I swear, it's the truth.  And I'm holding----wait, sorry, Dirty Dancing moment.

It was a few days to remember, that's for sure.  I'm unsure of what either of us had/have/going to have/what we have left.  The sad part is Brandie said I'm one flu away from my perfect dress size.  HA.  That did not happen for either of us.  We are both still recovering. 

Luckily, Ginny is still going strong.  She has about 3 weeks left.  Her turkey timer has popped out and I'm about ready to shine a flashlight down there and say, "Go toward the light, Carolann." Hopefully, it doesn't come to that.  Also, we think Kaylor had a touch of the stomach ickies before all of us.  She's better as well.  I have pictures of but I'm too lazy to get my phone, email myself the photos, and post them on here.  Maybe next time.

So, Rainbows.  Yes, they get me through hard times.  I only thought of this because it's raining outside.  As our family nestles into bed, we are safe.  We are healthy-ish (B is still exhibiting some residuals, and my tummy is still not 100%), but we are better.  And that is our rainbow.   

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photeaus and Smiles

Hey friends,

I've decided to throw my hat into the photography ring.  I've always love capturing memories and I'm looking to start a small on-the-side business.  Here's a link to my Facebook page is you all can like it.  Also, spread out the word.  Obviously, I live in California. I'm willing to travel anywhere with in the 210, 15, 10, and 57 freeways.  I'm charing $20 for a 30 minute session with 6 or fewer people.  This includes a CD with all shots and 15 edited 4x6 prints or a mixture of larger prints.  Please feel free to give my phone number or the link to the Facebook page to anyone around here.  I feel like it's a pretty good deal but it's a great way to start off the new year and gives me some great experience.  I'm willing to do family, engagement, maternity, and senior portraits. I can also do head shots and modeling sets.  

I'm so excited for it!  My Facebook page houses a portfolio of some of my work.  Check it out!