Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Hey, whatcha' doin?" "Runnin!"

A movie quote as the title of my blog, from one of my favorites. Can anyone guess it?

So, my 10 year class reunion is coming up soon; 2.5 weeks. I definitely look different than I did when I went to school. I never really thought, though, that I'd do much about it when it came down to it. I'm sure I'm at least 40 lbs heavier than when I graduated and I know I won't lose it in time. However, I looked in the mirror a couple of days ago and seriously frowned. So, I started running. It'll at least help me feel better by the time I go. PLUS, I'll have better lung capacity for when I travel to a place 3,000 feet higher than here. I actually like running. I like the way it helps my body feel better and definitely eases tension. It also helps me to keep myself limber. I'm so afraid I won't be able to play with my kids, whenever I have them. Honestly, I need to find a dance partner to go dancing with.

Ok, enough random thoughts for tonight.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Visually impaired

I'm still fairly new to the whole contact scene. I know Ouizer has been a pro at contacts for years but my eyesight has been good for my whole life; until about 2 years ago. I've had contacts, now, for about 3 mos. I can put them in without getting frustrated with myself or dropping the contact in the sink or down my shirt or shouting at myself in the mirror "You can do this, now c'mon." Well, I've been trying to build up a tolerance for using the contacts longer than they are prescribed for. Everyone else says they wear theirs longer than they are told to.

This week was somewhere in the 3-4 weeks range for this certain pair of contacts. I was at work-in front of a computer and I had this headache and I knew it was from the contacts. So I went to the bathroom to take them out. I took the left one out like normal and then reached over to take the right one out with my left hand. After doing so, I noticed that my left eye contact was gone and I must have dropped it. I looked around but couldn't find it. I threw my right contact away, shrugged my shoulders and went back to work.

The rest of the day, though, things were weird with my vision. Everything was so blurry out of my left eye. My right eye was a little blurry too but not too much out of the ordinary. The next morning, I woke up and the problem was still there. I got really worried. I went all that day and afternoon wondering what was wrong with my left eye. As I was sitting that evening, in my institute class, I was rubbing my right eye because it was sore. Wouldn't ya' know it, my contact popped out. As I played my internal tape back, my left contact must have slid into my right eye when I extracted the right one. EUREKA! I even slept with it in and didn't even notice. INSANE! I was so happy. Ok, so, I'm simple and cute, but this was amazing and I'm happy that I'm not going blind as quickly as I thought.