Monday, May 28, 2012

5 months

Our little girl is growing and changing before our very eyes.  We have been amazed this past few weeks.  We feel she's made a lot of good improvements.

  • She loves to hear her voice.
  • She is much more attentive.
  • She loves sucking on our knees and pretty much anything else.  
  • She is starting to crawl.  She scoots for sure and is doing this lunging technique.
  • She can sit up by herself for a short time.
  • She loves anything electronic, the iPad, iPhone, Macbook, and remote control.
  • She's much better at getting in her car seat.
We love our little girl!  Here is her 5 mos. picture and another picture from this past weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We've made it

We are living in Apache Junction, east of Phoenix, with a friend of Ginny's.  We haven't found a place to live yet but are still looking.  My dad and I drove the 20ish hours while staying in San Antonio for a night.  We arrived in Mesa Saturday night around the same time as Ginny and Kaylor flew in.  Ginny had a good interview with her company and are told we will hear something by next Thursday.

We took a little vacay to Cali to visit Ginny's family.  We went to the LA temple today to do sealings.  It was really great to be in the celestial room and figure out some things.  We should be here through Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Into the woods...or desert...?

Confession.  We are moving to the Phoenix area and still have a hard time remembering the spelling of the city, oe or eo or F?  Ha.  I think I have it now but I still have to think about it, kind of like when I spell words like  "beautiful" or "Tim".  

We have all the boxes packed, loaded on the trailer and it is on it's way to sunny Arizona.  It should be there in 5 business days.  We rented space on a commercial trailer to save some extra $ and to save us the headache of dragging a trailer across the country.  Ginny and Kaylor are flying in Saturday and my dad and I leave Friday afternoon in the car.  A special thanks to everyone who helped us move!  Members of the ward came and even a member who works across the street hopped over to help out, unexpectedly.  

There are definitely mixed feelings of leaving Louisiana.  I was born here 30 years ago and grew up with the culture in my family's home even though I grew up outside of Louisiana.  I still have family here who I love and will miss seeing as often.  I will definitely miss the food and the culture.  I was looking out the window yesterday at our neighbor's yard and the beautiful green grass and majestic trees and the mulberries growing from it.  I will always remember this place in my heart and will be back soon, I'm sure, to visit.  I will not, however, miss the mugginess or the bugs!  We know this move is for the best.  It will be nice to have a little more spoils like being able to buy garments from a store and shopping at a Costco!  The population of our church is larger there and that will also be a plus.  

Ginny has been speculating as to what's going on in Kaylor's mind.  We have noticed her staring at the boxes in our house and we feel she recognizes that something is a mis and change lingers in the air.  Children are quite perceptive and even though we know not what goes on in that ever intriguing mind, we can only guess she feels a little uneasy.  This past week has been hard on us because she is not sleeping as she use to.  We hope once things settle down, she will be able to get back into a better routine.  She's just very curious and we feel she is always wondering what's going on.  

We have started her on real food.  She has tried squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and even green peppers.  She seems to love them all.  Although, the green pepper wasn't cooked (she just sucked on it while we were eating), she did like the taste, after the initial "this is not something I'm use to eating" face.  She also has been eating oatmeal 1-2 times a day.  We have been cooking the vegetables ourselves which is so much cheaper than store bought baby food and we feel like she likes it!  

Kaylor has also been getting up on all fours.  No crawling yet but she no longer stays in one place.  She can roll and "scoot".  The other day, Ginny was pumping in the rocking chair and Kaylor was on the floor.  Ginny kept calling Kaylor's name and she went from the middle of the floor to Ginny in about 2 minutes.  I'm pretty sure Kaylor knew what she was doing.

We love our little girl.  I'm glad I was able to type this long of a post (because she is sleeping).  I've had the immense pleasure of taking care of K while Ginny has been working this last week.  It is getting me ready for the big time when Ginny gets her full-time, big girl job in AZ.  

We will miss our friends and family in LA but are looking towards the West for a better opportunity to grow.  This definitely is not goodbye to the bayou but just see ya' later, alligator.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Finally.  So, Ginny, Kaylor and I took a week long trip to California.  We went to an Angel's game (Ginny's favorite team) and it was Kaylor's first professional BBall game.
The game was fun and Ginny was able to get a Weinersnitzel hotdog, one she loves!  We also went to DISNEYLAND for the first time!!  Well, it was my first time, Ginny's bizzilioneth time.  We left Kaylor with Ginny's parents so we could enjoy ourselves a bit more.  Plus, we are going back at Christmas and Kaylor will enjoy herself a lot more then.  Disneyland was awesome!  I think my favorite ride was Star Tours. We also went to California Adventure and saw World of Color!  That was amazing.  We ate at all of our favorite restaurants, The Hat, Vince's, In N Out (of course) and some legit mexican food!

We spent Easter with the whole fam in Cali and here are some pictures I took.  I've uploaded them on Picasa; just click here.

We also had Kaylor's blessing and my parents and Auntie Bea came for that as well.  We enjoyed a get together and Auntie Bea made about 70 cupcakes.  Crazy!  We also made some chocolate covered strawberries.

It was so much fun to be in California again.  We don't miss the traffic but we do miss the family and weather!  Although, our trip to the beach was freezing cold rain.  YUCK!  But, we jumped out of the car and got a few pictures anyway.