Monday, April 29, 2013


So, we tried to get K dressed this morning.  Normally, this isn't the most idealistic situation (similar to changing her diaper-complete chaos!).  She has her own agenda and is not afraid of telling us what it is and how we are not following it.  Ginny tried to change her clothes, K screamed, got down from Ginny's lap, walked over to her toy train, climbed on top (the first time she's ever climbed on it), folded her arms, and gave us this pose.  "This is my day.  This is my house.  Get over it!"She is looking directly at Ginny.  Priceless.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Bunny!

We started out the day for Kaylor's second Easter (her first that she could actually understand what was going on, somewhat) with her opening her basket.  She got some cool stuff.  We got her some shades because she normally steals our sunglasses and she has very quick hands! Also, some "poons."  We already had the bread pan, but apparently, she wanted it too. HA.

Then, we went to church in our cute little easter outfits.  (I think cute and little always have to go together, even though Kaylor's outfit was the only one that was little.) Ginny's mom made our outfits.  So, my vest and bow-tie, Ginny's skirt and Kaylor's dress.  There was also a head band from Ginny's skirt's material that Kaylor chose not to adorn. You are more than welcome to think I look like the Easter Bunny with my bow-tie.  Ginny has never been a fan of them, but she made an exception and surprised me for Easter.

Then, we went to Bopba and Uh-mum's to hang out for a bit and Kaylor got another Easter basket.  That Bunny is everywhere. If you look closely, Kaylor is saying "ooooo," as she carries the basket. 

Later, we went to Joe and Jeanette's for the Easter egg hunt.  Kaylor was thoroughly confused as to what to do.  Bopba helped her for a little bit, then when there were few eggs left, she started to get it.  Luckily, Uh-mum is in charge of stuffing the eggs, so Kaylor got plenty of loot; although, she doesn't really get any of it. 

Tryin' to get this kid to stand still is still a mystery.  So, we have several pictures of her from the back.  If she sees us taking a picture, she wants to come up to us and see the camera.  HA.  As you can see, she's pushing my hand away. 

This last picture is from a place here called Dickey's and they give free ice cream.  We ate dinner there a few days ago, and Kaylor needed a "poon" to eat it.  HA.  Yes, we are white trash and bring our kid to dinner in her pj's. HA