Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two weeks since my last post...

I know it's a lame excuse to write but I'll update ya' on a few happenings in the past week.

I guess the main subject is the end of Glenda and my relationship. As of Friday, 16th of January, we are no longer together. Due to my OCD, this just so happened to be our 1 year anniversary of our first date. If I have such liberty to discuss, I'd like to say that it's completely for the best and we both understand it as such. We both still care for one another and probably always will but our lives must detach from this relationship and press on from here. There are many things I've learned from the relationship about myself, life and relationships in general. It was truly a blessing; a defined chapter in my book.

Another instance is my mom had surgery Monday. She had a necessary, non-emergent surgery which will free her to move better. She will now be able to exercise better and have less back problems. She should be going home tomorrow. On a side note, my parent's dog has been staying with me. She's very timid and skiddish. My roommate decided to pull her out of her cage to play with her. To his surprise, she unloaded her bladder all over my blanket as he held her. I'm sure she was scared and also probably had been holding it all day. Poor thing. Luckily, she's only a Chihuahua and her bladder is not that big!

Lastly, I started school again today. I'm taking 3 classes, all during the evenings. My days: Monday-Thursday will consist of leaving the house at around 0815 and not returning until 2130ish, between work and school. Luckily I have Friday evenings and Saturday to do homework. I'm sure I'll be able to do it. I'll just have to tell myself, "Let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns..."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Great Job!

As I strolled out of the McDonald's this morning, I was a little irritated by a mix-up in my order. Immediately I thought, "I'm going to write about this in my blog tonight." However, as I walked back to my work, another thought crossed my mind, "I love my job." So as an update, I'd like to give a little enlightened view of my new job.

I'm currently working for The NeuroMedical Center as one of the two patient representatives. I assist patients in getting medical records, paying bills, obtaining insurance info/authorizations, and much much more. I'm also a liaison between the MD's and the pts. It's a very intense job, but a laid back working enviornment. Most of the physicians are laid back and kind. Our staff is supportive and fun to be around. Plus, we're in a great area that's peaceful to walk around during lunch. If I choose so, I can drive home-I'm so close, like 7 minutes. It's a great blessing.