Monday, July 21, 2008

Get a job, sha nah nah nah!

So, my time has come to move on. Sadly, enough, I've really enjoyed where I'm working. I'd still love to work there, but I'm not sure I can last working a full-time job, being on call 24/7 and going to school at the same time.

On a serious note, if there is anyone in the known free world of Southern LA in the know of a job that will hire a 26 yo male who is highly qualified for ANYTHING to do with office work, medical terminology, insurance verification, supervisory skills, a great personality and loves to work-let me know! I'm almost getting to a desperate point in my life where I'll go back to stripping if the price is right. Crap, and by stripping I mean teaching those dance lessons to the elderly :-) ! Again, seriously, please let me know of any opportunity!

And if you know me and know where I work and work with me, by chance-do not repeat any of this to ANYONE! Dr. Stick, including you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Haven't made a personal, deep entry since I've started blogging, so why not?

I really enjoy dancing a lot. I've been watching So you Think You can Dance and really miss it a lot. I'm not sure if I'm actually as good as everyone says I am. I know I'm better than some people and maybe just a nice party trick. I'm not technical, although I feel if I had training I could be very good.

Does anyone wanna know my whole dancing story? Yeah!?!?

The first time I really thought about dancing was around age 15. A couple from church taught a class on the country swing. A friend of mine and i loved it and started to dance on our own and make up a few things to go along with the basic step. The same year, I "auditioned" for "Hello Dolly," our school musical. Despite my few lines as the court reporter(only in the play, not movie), I was only in the chorus. I started developing a love for musical theatre. Then I was asked to audition for the show choir in high school. We sang and dance at the same time. I wasn't the best singer, but tried my hardest to succeed and was pushed to become better, singing and dancing. All the time, still working with my friend, Bonnie, to "perfect" the country swing.

When I went to college, I found a great opportunity with STYLE, a group dedicated to teaching youth the proper techniques in couple dancing. I learned a lot about ballroom technique, different styles and how to teach them. With the amazing school I attended, every Wednesday night was Swing dancing. This means, every week, for a very small fee, you could attend a dance of full swing dancing or country dancing. There was an hour of lessons and then about 2 hours of free dancing! It was amazing. I learned all I needed to teach the different types of dances and became an instructor!

That's my long journey to where I am today. I've picked up a few styles here and there and still love to dance. My new obsession is Zydeco/Cajun two-steppin!

My new adventure will be teaching Lil' Scoot how to Boot Scoot and Boogy!

This wasn't as deep as I thought it was going to be. I miss dancing all the time and wish i could do it more!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I wanted to add something to my post on food-glorious food. Ever since I've been going to McDonald's and found out they put onions on even their kids burgers, yuck, I have been selecting Chicken Nuggets as my poison of choice. I've ventured out to the Big Mac and a few others, but usually stick with my safe 10 pack all white meat bundle of goodness. BBQ being my sauce of choice. I'm OCD, if you don't know me, and always count things. I ALWAYS count how many nuggets I get. Not to see if the old red head is gonna short me one but to see if some kind hearted metal mouthed friend would slip me a extra one because he was feeling generous-maybe some hormone driven filey said hi to him that day, who knows?! Anyway, the other day it happened! I actually got an extra nugget in my box. I was seriously overjoyed with enthusiasm. I almost didn't think it was real. Even after eating the first one, I counted them again just to check the accuracy of my miracle. And then there was ten. AMEN!