Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little Praisin'

Ok. I own an SUV. A wonderful 99 Ford Explorer XLT. I love it, I've had it for almost 5 years and it's treated me very well. For an SUV, I think it gets great gas mileage-appx 25-30. However, the tank is huge. Yesterday, I filled my tank up for 34.01. I have to put the .o1 in there so I know it's a gas purchase; yes I'm one of those people. I was astounded. I really am so happy! It made my day. I've been runnin' a little short on cash, these days, and I needed the help. Tithing works!

Also, I live off or Burbank Ave. It's a semi-busy street, except for on LSU game days when it's a very busy street. When I moved here, the road was two lanes. Over the past 6 mos. or so, the wonderful crews have been making into a four lane. For most of the transition, it's been a smoth process. Plus, it's been fairly quick. They are done with a large section of the road and it's made it so much nicer!! The first day I saw it open, I was driving home late. I was about 100 yards on the new road and litterly started yelling, I was so happy! It's really made a difference with traffic! I'm so pumped for the rest to open. I love progress!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fighter (Story One)

Please read Book Craze before reading this post.

Premise/Summary/Whatever: Young couple fall in love in high school and marry. The husband, a boxer-Jarom; wife- Elisebeth (Elise). Story starts in a small town in Canon City. They are sealed together in the Temple. They move to Georgia, where Jarom trains as a boxer. The become very wealthy from his efforts and he becomes semi-famous. After a few years of marital bliss, Elise begins to want more and more. Her greediness eventually leads to Jarom leaving his wife and giving her all he owns in an effort to make her happy. After his fleet, Elise finds out she is pregnant. She starts dating a guy from Jarom's gym who aids her in wasting the fortune Jarom and Elise had. Jarom tries to contact Elise a few times, but Elise never returns his phone calls or letters. After they lose the big house, many possessions and are living in a motel, the boyfriend abuses Elise and leaves. Elise, left with nothing else to do but live in her car, travels across country with her young child. She finds work here and there along the way and eventually ends up on the Western Coast, Oregon or Washington. The school where her new son attends, just so happens to be the same school as where Jarom is teaching PE, now.

Of course, there are loads more details, but those are the highlights. I REALLY NEED FEEDBACK, good or bad. If you read this, you better comment on here or send me a message somehow letting me know what you think...or else.

Book Craze

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I've never really been interested in reading these things called books. I've picked up some here and there over the years but nothing really grabbed my attention. Recently, however, I've read a whole series and I'm almost half-way done with another. All of these reading has really started to feed a fire of which has been building in me for sometime.

My imagination has really been a big part of my life. Being the youngest of two kids, I had to entertain myself a lot. Especially, being three years younger than my sister, we didn't have much in common. I've thought of stories, some more in depth than others. I really enjoy thinking of stories, but I've never really thought of writing them down, until now.

I'll be posting the summary of two of my main stories. I really want to know everyone's honest opinion; the good, the bad and the ugly. I can't do any growing if I can't get any feedback. Both stories could easily be brought into a book setting, I've got plenty of imagination. I won't be posting them for a day or so. But please check them out...Thank you in advance.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It finally came. A group of friends and I got together last night to watch the movie based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer. It was amazing. I won't critique the movie or the lack of content. On the positive side, it kept me very entertained. WELL DONE!

However, the night was a little more interesting. Last night was the first night it was released. Everyone that was going wanted to see it that night. I did not. I didn't want to be around a theater full of teenagers. I didn't want to be in line for an hour just so we could get good seats. My control factor kicks in and we had way too many people wanting to sit together and coming from different directions.

We started the night at Bravos. A great a Italian restaurant with really good food. Price wasn't bad, either. We ended on time-control thing again. We headed to the movies and were fairly close to the front. We did have to wait for an hour before they let us in the theater. But our seats were perfect! So all-in-all, the night was a success. There were some minor annoyances, even from our party.

Again, the movie was great. The characters were good, acting was good. I'm not a fan of everyone, but I can see why most of them were picked even though they are not the perfect envisionment of that character.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"What Time Is It?"

Ok, so it's not quite summer time, but it is getting close to a vacation. But I really wanted to lay out some thoughts on school this AM.

I attend Baton Rouge Community College. I chose this route for a few reasons.
  1. It is much cheaper than anything around here and I'm already in enough debt that I don't want to be payin' on loans forevah!
  2. It was extremely easy to get into-LSU's application wanted things like your parent's hair color, their toe ring size, a sample of DNA from the Jurassic Park labs. BRCC was a simple two sided application that I almost got bored filling out.
  3. It's a smaller campus, which I love. I'm not into all these auditorium classes, I like the personal touch.
  4. It fit better with my schedule, at the time.
I will never bad mouth BRCC. There are a few things I don't completely enjoy about some of the teachers I have, but I've learned through other students attending other universities that a lot of teachers are the same-no matter which institution you attend.

My final thought today on this subject is the lack of education Louisiana provides its students, prior to graduating high school. I've developed a strong opinion that primary schools here don't teach kids properly. Nothing to say against the teachers-I don't really know who's to blame. But somethin' aint right. So I'm basing this off of students I'm around at college. There are some incredible students. Please note that I am not bad mouthing all students or schools in Louisiana. There are some fundamentals that I had to learn prior to graduating HS; fundamentals I have yet to see consistantly here.
  1. Some students don't know how to type
  2. Not knowing what a bibliography is
  3. Not knowing how to compile a resume
  4. Basic algebra skills, i.e., FOIL, exponents, variables...
  5. General knowledge of US/World geography
Now, I'm not professing to be an outstanding student. Nor am I saying this school is better than that. Maybe, I learned too much from HS. I've attended schools in Louisiana, Texas and Colorado. I graduated from a HS in Colorado. The above studies were mandated. We had to know those things to graduate; among other studies.

There are some other issues I'd like to address, but time doesn't permit at the moment. I'd also like to talk about the Magnet program here. But I'll save that for another time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Not to sound too important, but I've been hounded by certain individuals to post a new posting, so here it is. This is going to be a bit of a random one as well, due to the fact that so much is happening lately that I can't keep up with it all.

First off, I love staying busy, but there are times, as Glenda puts it, "you want to just sit down in pajamas and watch a movie." Where have those days gone? What's funny, is I really don't even have a job right now and I'm super busy!!!

OK, speaking of my job, things have looked up. And by looked up, I might be getting a pay check before we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. A number of individuals all called me at once and want roofs now-awesome. A few others received their check from the insurance company and want their roofs now-awesome, again. No Glenda, it's just a coincidence that I used awesome twice. Inside joke, obviously. Now, all of these work orders are in, a total of 4, plus 2 on the way and another waiting for more money from their insurance company. I may be a rich man, very soon. Although, I've been neglecting phone calls from very persistent people who say I haven't paid them in a while. Don't they know the rule, if you don't work, you don't have bills to pay, right?!! I can write you a check?!!?!

School is going well. I have to schedule classes soon, which is a bit stressful, but I'm still very excited to be in school!

Some other events that have happened-I'm helping my parents remodel their house. Basically, just paint it and offer the occasional referee advice when I can.

I've started reading the Harry Potter series. In less than a month, I'm already on Prisoner of Azkaban. I love the little bugga. I really enjoyed the Twilight series, but I can't put these down. Honestly, I think that I have just found that reading is rather enjoyable. If I would have read Harry first, I think I would have taken a little longer and would have had the same affect on Twilight. See, it took me a while to read the Twilight series, but I was just getting into reading. Now, I'm picking up the pace and thoroughly enjoying it! I also love to read in an english accent. I'm typing in one right now!

I also had a great birthday this month. I really want some pictures back from it, if anyone has some. I know there's a certain Price boy who has some. My birthday was fabulous. My wonderful Glenda planned a fantastic birthday party and then I had Sushi on my birthday as well! It was a great day!

My last main event; I changed my oil the other day. I'm the most mechanically inclined man on the planet-shut up Patti aka Ouizer! I have ability and the brain power to do stuff, but I just don't feel like it sometime. Well, my dad has shown me on a few occassions how to change my oil. And now that I'm poor, my parent's bought me the stuff and I straight up said, "I'm gonna change my oil." So after borrowing tools from an unmentioned source-shut up Patti-I changed my oil. I was a little worried that it would have been a little harder, but things worked out smoothly and I'm very happy and oh so proud of myself!