Saturday, May 15, 2010

That is not what she said

Today turned out to be a great success.

My parents were hosting a crawfish boil today for some of our family and friends. At 730 AM my mom called me and cancelled it due to the weather. For those of you not familiar with our traditions, it's not just because we didn't want to get rained out. But the crawfishermen catch and sack the crawfish in the morning and then sell that at market. Well, if it's lightning, the fishermen (Boudreaux and Thibodeaux) in the metal boats do not go out on the water. So, I called my friends and told them the sad news.

Most of them were awake and one was already on his way over to my house to cook breakfast anyway. I invited the others over and we all ate breakfast and talked. It was a good morning. Then, some of us left to go in search of a park to go swinging. I've never been the swinger type; unless it involves 40's music and a dance partner. But we went, crashed a family reunion, almost stole a kid's really nice soccer ball and then left in search of a sno cone. What do you say, sno cone or sno ball, that was a debate today. Also, I say "cabinets" when referring to the space that appliance sit on. For instance, "Go wipe of the cabinets." I was corrected on more than one account today. I'd like to know if anyone else calls them that.

We arrived at our first sno cone shack which didn't open for 1.5 hours. Not cool. So, we decided to go to one closer to our friend's house. When we go there, it wasn't going to be open for another 2 hours!! WTH? Isn't it almost summer. Ima need them to do betta. So, we forewent the sno cone idea and went in search of another park to swing and play in. On our way there, the rain came. Ugh. So, we were a little a hungry and decided to go find a place to eat. Rotolo's has become a new favorite of mine. They have good pizza and let you keep their cups!!!! What?! Amazing, I know?!! We indulged in their blackened chicken Alfredo pizza while sitting outside in a covered patio listening to the X-generation radio station. All was amazing. We then left and bought a movie at Wal-mart (my friend just moved into his new apt and has no DVDs). We get to his apt and get all comfortable on his brand new sofa in front of his brand new flat screen TV just to find out his DVD player isn't working. Fail! We end up watching Deja Vu on TV-still a great movie!

Afterwards Ouizer cooked beef stew and rolls so we went there, ate dinner and watched Hancock; another great movie!

Then the Wii came out. Mario Brother's for the Wii was played by a room of people in their mid to late twenties. There will be a video posted on YouTube of the action and I'll try to post it on here as link. Oh, so amazing! It hasn't loaded yet but the link might still work, once it does load. We had a blast and played for about 4 hours. There were 6 of us playing, 3 at a time, and trading remotes. So much fun!

This day was so much fun. It was a great day of relaxing and talking and friendship. I enjoyed it so much!