Monday, August 5, 2013

Something's coming, something good.

Hey kids!  The above are some videos of our little one at the play park by our apartment.

So, our lives have been full of different adventures these past few weeks.

Ginny's car broke down at work and we aren't exactly sure what happened, still.  The gears weren't shifting correctly, luckily she had not made it to the freeway yet.  I drove the 45 minutes to pick her up.  On a positive note, Kaylor was already with the grandparents so Ginny and I were able to share an evening at dinner together - a spontaneous date night -. The next day, the car ran fine so we brought it to a mechanic.  He couldn't replicate the problem so he just flushed the transmission and called it good. It's been working better, so hopefully, that is it.

I started a new job with a chiropractor.  He happens to be a member of our ward.  I work for him about eight hours a week, helping him with his billing.  He's a bit behind and I'm glad to assist him.  It's a little more up my alley and is making me want to be back in that field full-time.  I have had a really hard time getting interviews in any job.  I'm worried there's a watermark-of the beast on my resume or something.  I have several years a of experience working in the medical field and not much luck getting back into it.  I've been dedicating more time to applying, coupled with more praying, so something will happen!

Ginny is also making a change in career.  She has not been super happy with where she is, literally.  She doesn't like driving 45-60 minutes to work every day.  It makes her miss time with us and she's also not satisfied with her job.  She has found a new job at a high school.  She should be starting in the next few weeks and we are both super excited about it!  Her heart is definitely on the field.

My sister is finally moving here!  She's sold her house and will soon be homeless.  ;-) She should be here the first week of September!  We can't be anymore excited!

Just a pic of our little Miss. Independent.  Enjoy!