Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving Day!

I just finished packing. I'm still doing some last minute laundry but it all has a place and as soon as it's done, I'll be ready to move. I'm way excited to move to Hammond. I feel like I've been in limbo for the past few months. I hate limbo. I hate not knowing what is around the next corner. Now, I will be in school full time (17 credits...eek) and not have to worry about work too much. I will finally be able to put the nose to the grindstone and get some serious school done. I will also be closer to Ginny which will be immensely wonderful and so much easier for our relationship. She's a good support and has sacrificed a lot to come to Baton Rouge each weekend; mooching off of friends and relatives so we can be together at least two days a week. Ok, not really mooching but definitely living out of a suitcase for the weekend, barely getting unpacked, and come back the next weekend. Thanks family and Ginny!

My new roommate seems fairly decent. He has a mature attitude and it seems we will get along just fine. I'm moving into a house which will be wonderful. I'll have my own room again, my own bathroom (for a while) and I can't wait!

I'll officially be in Hammond as of Friday night. Hopefully, I can get it all in one trip.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A month?

Purely an update of what's happened, what's happening and what is planned to happen.

This summer has been pretty busy. I took off time from school so I could stop spending as much money and bumming off my parents. I'm quitting my job at the clinic and taking a break from the medical field, again. I'm moving to Hammond, LA (about 30 minutes East of where I live now) to attend Southeastern Louisiana University. I'm way excited to be going to a big boy college. Everything has been falling into place, which is comforting. I found a house to rent a room in for the right price. I have a job for the next month that will help make some money and I'll be closer to my girlfriend.

This is kinda boring, yeah? I'll hopefully have some more interesting posts later. Hmmm...