Thursday, October 23, 2008


So this is a little bit of somethings I've been thinking of the last few I made this list I realized most of these thoughts stem from today.
  1. I love when there are fries left over in the bag from a fast food establishment. It's like finding a special prize after you think all of them are gone.
  2. Whoppers are much better when the buns are fresh not soggy. If you didn't know, BK will pre-cook their meat and toast their buns and then put them in a steamer to keep them warm. That's what makes them soggy.
  3. I still count every chicken nugget that I get from Mickey-D's to see if I get an extra one. I've done this since I realized that they put onions on their burgers in Happy Meals and I switched to the nugget meals. Out of my whole life, it's happened twice which has been in the last 6 mos.
  4. I love Chili Pies from Sonic
  5. I eat way too much fast food.
  6. Wendy is amazing.
  7. I love it when I can pick out if someone is wearing contacts.
  8. Tithing works and will bring forth blessings.
  9. Leave it to your family to not help you out until the last minute on things that really mean a lot to you.
  10. I love sweaters
  11. I love weather in which to wear sweaters
  12. I just realized that sweaters contain the word sweat which makes a lot of sense, espeically to someone who does a lot of it!
  13. I can be very patient
  14. I still love hotels.
  15. Watching a scary movie in a hotel lobby is awkward. I would have kept watching it if more people were there, but the screaming got too loud, so I changed the station.
  16. Addictions suck!
  17. Even though it's 60 degrees outside, I'll still sleep with a fan on.
  18. Even if it was 40 degrees outside, I'd sleep with a fan on.
  19. I use to sleep with a fan on and my window open in Colorado when it snowed outside.
  20. I miss being able to sleep with my window open
  21. I have a lot of sweaters
  22. Don't complain about something that someone else does, because it might happen to you; i.e. car clutter
  23. I don't get embarrassed easily but when I do, I get irritated by it.
  24. Parents are special, in all meanings of the word.
  25. Someone told me I could either braid the hairs on my hands or dye them.
  26. When people talk about other people, it's usually because they are more insecure with themselves.
  27. I hate pooping. Unless it's a really good poop to where it's been in there for a long time and it needs to come out.
  28. Harry Potter is a great story and I now realize that authors are amazing!
  29. I want to be a therapist so bad!
  30. I hate warts.
  31. I have 9 warts.
  32. My mom talks a lot!
  33. A lot of people get married in the fall.
  34. Every time I'm asked to sing in public, a chain reaction goes off in my body and somehow I jeopardize my voice to wear I'm not completely comfortable singing in front of others.
  35. 3 of my teachers need to get more organized.
  36. I thrive for attention. Really, I need it.
  37. I need to feel accepted.
  38. "If I wear a mask, I can fool the world. But I cannot fool my heart"
  39. I really strive to include a quote of some kind in all of my blogs. (I challenge all those who read my blog to go find them in each blog I've written before
  40. I'm addicted to facebook-thus the reason it took me so long to create an account.
  41. Remember When is really addicting as well.
  42. I love inside jokes!
  43. I'm so OCD that I have to end this blog on a nice round number and it will be 50
  44. I plan a lot and don't always get what I plan done
  45. I wish I planned more
  46. I love the song, "Fifty, Nifty, United States..." it comes and goes in my head.
  47. I love belting in the shower-some of the songs are as follows, "Santa Fe" from Newsies, "Out There" from Hunchback of Notre Dame, "Reflections" from Mulan, "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid, "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" form Les Miserables, "Tomorrow" from Annie, "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" from Hello Dolly, "Endless Night" from Lion King on Broadway.
  48. I love when Erica and Sarah quote from any of the following, Bon Qui Qui, and Rogers and Hammerstein or Mark Payne
  49. I want to be in shape, desperately but have no will power to do anything about it
  50. Wendy is amazing!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Work Shmirk

I've been really struggling lately with my work situation. The deal is, I have to go out and generate my own business so I can get paid so I won't get kicked out of my house. Not literally kicked out, but you get the idea. It's strictly commission at this point in the game.

I'm very unmotivated to get out and go knock on doors of random people. I really don't mind the knocking, once I'm out there, but it's not the most fun thing in the world. I'm much more the type of person to follow directions and be told what to do when it comes to a job. I'd prefer to have a schedule set out for me. It's amazing to not have to wake up early and be able to work around things that I'd prefer to spend my time on. I could mention all the downsides of it, but I'll refrain. It's just not something I really want to do, even though I could get paid a butt load of money if I actually worked at it. But a little reprieve came this week.

My old manager from my last job contacted me. She's working for a different facility now doing basically the same thing. She offered me a job at the new facility. I want it so bad. It's a
"9-5" Monday - Friday job with benefits. EVERY weekend off! Plus as she was describing it, I would be a patient advocate. Basically if the patient needs anything, I would get it for them. It actually doesn't start for another month or two, but I've asked her if there's anyway I can start sooner. Seriously, though, I need a job. This roofing thing is going to stress me out way too much! I'm not making the money I thought I would be by now and I'm a little scared that I'm not going to be able to pay bills. Anyway, the job is great news. She's looking into finding me something sooner, but no promises. I have some other options available, which I really need to start looking into. I could always go back to waiting tables, which would be oh so fun and a heckuva long drive. But I make good money at it. I know how to shake what I have got in these here jeans of mine!

If ANYONE has some comforting words, I could sure use them.

Broke in Baton Rouge
p.s. I'm not really broke, just looking for sympathy points:-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me and Mrs. Barker

So my wonderful Glenda gave me such a great birthday present...a little early, I might add. Glenda, her mom and I drove to Lafayette to watch one of the best performers of our generation. He's so awe-inspiring. He's a great singer, dancer, songwriter, jokester and all around wonderful entertainer. None other than the fabulous Michael Buble! He blew me away.

I haven't had great experiences with concerts, but he is such a great entertainer. I'm sure he sat down to help plan his tour and said, "You know, people have heard all of these songs, what else can I put in the show to help them enjoy themselves?" It's not just about his performance. He wants the audience to truly have a genuinely good time.

The opening act was Naturally 7, their sign is very clever. They are amazing! So incredibly talented and very entertaining.

Key points of the night to remember(things may be added as I remember them, later):
  • Michael called a girl racist (against Canucks)
  • Michael grabbed a guy's butt and a lady grabbed his
  • Michael likes to curse and be "dirty" as Ma'Deb puts it.
  • Michael sounded a little rough which made his singing oh so more enjoyable
  • One of Michael's trombone players is from the dirty dirty
  • Michael has lost some weight since youtube
  • I always get lost coming from the Cajun Dome
  • I sing a lot
  • Michael likes to be seductive but can't keep his composure while doing so
  • Michael is very sincere
  • Michael walked off stage, after flipping off his band.
My most favorite moment of the show was at the end, during his encore. Michael was singing and set the microphone down and used the acoustics of the Cajun Dome to sing the last few lines of the song...and he teared up a bit. Priceless!

The only un-enjoyable fact of the night was I forgot my camera and didn't want any stinkin' phone pictures. Other than that the night will live on forever in my memory!

Thank you Glenda!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Somewhere, over the dew

So, I may be a little infatuated with Sheri Dew. She's a great inspirational speaker and very funny! This past Saturday, she spoke to a congregation of women. I knew she was slated to come, weeks before her arrival. I really wanted to hear her speak but I didn't feel it appropriate to dress in drag for the occasion.

A few days before the blessed event, I was asked to help park cars. PARK CARS? Is someone trying to kill me? What a temptation!??!!? I agreed, without hesitation, but with some degree of butterflies in my tummy. I really want to meet this woman. I've seen her speak, I've got two books of hers; one of which my wonderful darling sweet pal named Ouizar almost got signed for me, the other she bought me for Christmas-or maybe my birthday...she knows my memory is shot, like her pantyhose! I digress.

The night came and I willingly showed up for my duties as traffic personnel. I will be lying if I didn't say I wanted to see her. Perhaps even park her car! But I stayed my position. Until, it happened. A car appeared in the parking lot. It was was a familiar car, so I knew who it was instantly. I waved them to park in the next available slot, but they wouldn't. So in straddled position, I stretched my legs out as far as they, or my pants, would allow me. Of course, it was all in jest to try to ward the car away from parking in a different spot. As I released my crouching tiger position, I headed to the car to make a comment or two. Then, there she was. Sheri Dew was being escorted by a member of the Stake Relief Society Presidency. I just sprawled out in the church parking lot in front of Sheri Dew. Now, you're probably thinking, "Oh, Tim, I can't believe you. I'm so sorry, you must be so embarrassed." On the contrary, I'm so excited that I got to see her. If I could have ran fast enough and got there without tainted breath, I would have gone to meet her.

Everyone told me I should have stayed anyway to hear her speak. I really should have. but I knew it was for women and I felt that I didn't necessarily need to be there.

She came, she spoke and she was loved by all! I'm very glad to have been able to see her. She truly is a great inspirational speaker and has a great grasp on the gospel. I love me some Sheri Dew!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Don't fall of a roof while you work, doo doo doo...

I really can't believe I haven't written anything about this already. No, I haven't fell off a roof, yet. But I do work for a company where it can be a possibility. So if anyone in South Louisiana needs a roof-let me know!!!

So I'm an estimator (there is a better title but it has slipped my mind for the moment, maybe I'll edit this post lata.) for a roofing company. Basically I measure roofs, explain to the home owner how much it is and why we are taking enough money for a new car to replace their roof and then, theoretically they are supposed to pay us to do it. I have only been estimating for 2 weeks, and I haven't seen the fruits of my labor yet. I mean, on the mission, I'd at least have a second appointment by now. But people are taking their time, it's a big investment, I understand.

So the first roof I attempted to climb on was my own. One of my roommates owns the house in which I reside in-not completely living in my car J.A. In my normal gung-ho (where the hud did that saying originate?) fashion, I pulled out my brand spankin' new gorilla ladder and shimmed on up. I got to the top of the ladder and said, "this isn't so bad." I started to get up on the roof (fyi, my hands a seriously sweating as I'm typing this) and my foot starts to slip so immedeately, I turn around and sit down to try to brace my self from plummeting to the concrete below. After 15 minutes (I'm sure it was only seconds) I calmed my self down. After I realized I wasn't going to die, my mind was flooded with possibilities of escape. I had my cell phone with me, who could I call to help me off the roof. Option 2, if I jump off the roof, I can land on that bush over there and not break too many bones. Option 3, if I fall be sure to bend the knees and roll as to not break my legs...seriously my mind is crazy! Finally, I muscled, I mean pysched myself out, enough courage to get my fat butt off that roof. After on the ground, I prayed gratitude like never before. I also vowed never again to get on another roof-EVER! After all, I've been taught ways to measure roofs from the ground-easy!

Since this horrific even, I've actually overcome my fear of roofs, well some roofs. I've been on a few which really aren't that bad. Our roof is fairly steep and I won't be back on another one that is our pitch again.