Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pictures of our wonderful day!

Here are some pictures, as requested, from our wedding day and reception.

These was the talk of the night, our centerpieces. I hate to give away the illusion but the ball is just a styrofoam ball covered in dyed coffee filters on top of a bulky candle stick. Yup, that's all. They were are so elegant looking.
Here was the second talk of the day...our shoes. Ginny loves Nike so we decided to special order a pair of shoes. There is a close up of them below.
"You make me smile" is from the Uncle Cracker song, "Smile." It is our song.
This table is what greeted our guests.
This is my beautiful sister. She did a lot for our reception in Louisiana, including making our the wedding and groom's cake. She also flew out to California for our sealing and reception. I was so grateful.
For those women out there, here is a picture of Ginny's beautiful dress. It is really that pretty. Obviously, she made it look better but it's still amazing.
We changed into shirts to leave the reception that we got for just that night's occasion. Ginny's young nine year old cousin was sad that we were leaving. She asked her mom where we were going. The mom replied, "They need to go exercise." The daughter asked, "Why?" The mom said, "They ate a lot of cake." It was great! It definitely shows that I needed to go exercise, yikes!

We had a reception in Louisiana as well and it was equally as fun! These are just some photos a friend took of us, not our professional ones.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Needs help

I have pictures to put up of the receptions but posting pictures on my blog is annoying. Am I missing something? Is it supposed to be difficult to post them? I normally just go to the icon that say "Add Image" and then I add the picture. The annoyance comes in because the picture always appears at the top of the blog and then I have a hard time moving it. "Truvy, help!"