Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1,2,3,4, FIVE GUYS!

I'm certain the only people who read this are looking for an update from Kaylor.  Well, since she doesn't type as fast as I do on the computer then you will just have to settle for an update form me. 

I have a job!  Technically, I've had a job for about 2 weeks but I just started two days ago with Five Guys.  I am helping this franchise open their third store in the area.  Yes, I am 30 years old and a little embarrassed I am working for a burger chain and being managed by several individuals who are younger than I am.  However, it's the first company that has hired me and I am not ashamed to work for this company.  If you haven't looked into this chain, you should.  I feel they have a superior product and a good sense of work.  I also feel it's a great opportunity to work through college, and possibly have a chance of moving into management soon.  

Ginny is still searching.  She has had several leads but no luck.  Matter-of-fact, she's had the opposite of luck, whatever that may be.  She is looking into being a free lance ATC and has an opportunity to work for a contract based company.  

Ok, I'll update a little bit for Kaylor (she is sleeping right now, anyway).  She has 1.5 teeth and doesn't seem to mind biting either of us.  She loves giving raspberries to Ginny and I and even on herself.  She LOVES taking baths.  She loves being in the bathroom for any reason; the mirror, the tub, the toilet, eating toilet paper.  She's not picky as long as we let her go in there.  She gets excited when we even pass by the bathroom.  

All in all, we are in good spirits.  We are looking forward to the cooler fall weather.