Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our Metrolink trip to LA

Ginny woke up in the morning and had a touch of the cabin fever so we tried to figure out something to do outside of the house. We took a trip to LA this Saturday on a "choo-choo".  It was about an hour there and Kaylor did a great job.  We went to the historic Olivera street and had lunch. In the past few weeks, things have flown by. Kaylor turned two and we had a great Christmas.  Here are some pictures of our little one and our trip to LA.

Our little sass hanging out.

These next few are a testing my camera skills.

I got her to stand still for a minute.

"I run dadda."

"Dadda, look at this."

Our trip to LA.

Mommy and K's new Nikes.  We are a Nike family, I suppose.

Kaylor and Aunt Bea on the train.  We've discovered she rarely looks at the camera and smile...Kaylor, that is. 


She's very fond of "wah-wah", her frog blanket.  It normally stays at home but we brought it for the train ride back.  I accidentally let showed it to her. 

I'm not sure what she's saying here, but I would lay bet it is something like, "Where's Wah-wah?"

Kaylor chooses her own path.

Apparently, I can't look at the camera and smile as well. 

The American Chinese museum close to Olivera street.