Monday, June 23, 2008


A dear friend of mine believed it was time to find a convertible, don her overly large sunglasses and scarfs and drive two of her friends to the gulf for the day. How fantastically Wong Foo, with our the cross-dressing. I wasn't invited for the girls day out, but was still able to experience the thrill of the open road.

In the spirit of the day, I was offered a ride in this beast of all horses to plow down the streets of BR at night. We dropped the top and just drove. As we belted well-known musical tracts, we had to use the most appealing and appropriate of all. As Elphaba started her change monologue, I sang along with arms flowing with motion. As her climax rose, along with the speedometer, my body started to slide to try to break free of my constraining strap of safety. My arms stretched as far as they could go and I belted lyrics that will always be synonymous with flying. Free and unscathed from the world, I flew with a character that made me feel open and a tinge of happiness.

I love singing. I love my life.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fast Moods

I've had several issues with my food choices lately. First off, I figured I haven't spent more than $100.00 in at least two months on groceries, collectively. Meaning, all the food I've been buying is from a restaurant and not the market like I should be. I really don't mind eating out but I love cooking! Plus some of the experiences I've had lately are horrific.

WW and I were pressed for time and needed a place to eat that was close to my work. I didn't really crave anything but I knew that I hadn't had Chinese in a while and there were a couple around the area. There was one right across the street. Although I've been told not to go there, it was closer the one that most of the employees purchase from. We walked in, ordered and began to sit down. And then I felt it. The floor in the dining room, if you wanted to call the small gathering of metal and plastic such, was so sticky. The chairs, the table, the floor. I was so disgusted. But we prevailed, vowing never to return. The food wasn't even that great-although we should have only ordered one thing because the portions were gi-normous!

My next tale happened in another fast food establishment, one that I am so proud to say I love! The amazing people who didn't invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich! My story, though, isn't one of the amazing lemonade or the scrumptious waffle fries. No, no, my dear friends. It's a horror. But definitely could be found a little humorous. It all happened, in the bathroom. I sat on the toilet-fyi, I don't think many things are inappropriate-and began my business. I moved around a bit and heard a popping sound at the same time the seat shifted and something wet splashed against my leg. I thought, " dang it, I broke the seat and something fell into the toilet. " Upon later examining the situation, I discovered a mayonnaise packet had been strategically placed between the seat and the lid. At first I thought, "gross, it's all over my leg." but then, "That's such a great prank."

My last bite comes from our friend and neighbor, Chili's. Actually it's a general comment, but I realized it at Chili's. I would love to train servers. Wait staff in the BR area SUCK! I don't always go to chili's, I eat at other restaurants that are more classy than the ever popular baby back, but still...there's not much to it. You just have to learn to multi-task, deal with crap and kiss butt. I'll give 'em something to talk about!