Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's a small world after all.

Ginny's and my parents chipped in for our birthdays and got us annual passes to Disneyland!  We were so excited to go.  I've only been once a few months ago so it was fun to go again.  Ginny grew up in Cali and has been a ton of times.  We brought Kaylor for the first time too!  She was definitely a trooper.  Here's a few pictures from our trip.  

Kaylor with her Dumbo shirt on.  She looks like a grown up. 

From October-Christmas, the Haunted Mansion is transformed into the Nightmare Before Christmas.  It was really neat to see the difference.  Jack welcomed us to his home. 

Kaylor's and my first time on Dumbo.

Last time I went to Disneyland, we didn't see one character.  This is Ariel (in her human form).  We were lucky to get a picture with her.  There were some crotchety people "in line" to take a picture and I think we unknowingly jumped in front of them.  Sorry for the poor quality; I tried to edit it a bit to make it look better.  Kaylor was not so interested in the mermaid princess. 

And the classic, Splash Mountain.  We used Ginny's dad's "no stairs" pass to get ahead of everyone.  Donnie came with us too.  We are the last three in the log.
Funny story about this.  Ginny and her cousin were talking about how wet we would get during the ride.  Ginny told me it might be a good idea, when I get in the log, to take my socks and shoes off.  So, I kept bumping into the old guy in front of me trying to take my shoes and socks off.  So, I'm holding my shoes in the picture.  I think it's pretty hilarious.  

9 mos.

We love our Kaylor.  She gets more special every time we see her.  We feel like she's getting so big.  Here's a picture we took tonight.  We found these jammies and they are 12 mos!!  

Ok, I know it's a lot late to be posting her 9 mos. picture but here she is, with her beloved Sophie.

And instead of giving you a list of things she does now, I made a video.  There are two parts because it was too big to send from my phone.  

          Part 1

                                                            Part 2