Thursday, June 28, 2012

These are the days of our lives

We have been spending most of our days waiting for Ginny's job to start.  We have been trying to keep busy.  We try to get out of the apartment at least once a day so we don't go stir crazy.  Today, I even hit the pavement to find a job for myself.  I've already applied with several companies and have only heard from a few of them.  Today was no exception; minimal success.  I had one interview at Texas Roadhouse and I should hear something by next week.  

I have been documenting our little girl through pictures.  We are trying our hardest to keep up with her.  She is very mobile and we are learning what baby proofing is.  She is fascinated with the door stop on the front door.  It's an older one; just one spring.  She will sit in front of it for a good bit and just play with it until it comes off the wall; then she eats it.

She is climbing up on everything.  We have our bed in our living room (we have two queen beds and a two bedroom apartment and virtually no living room furniture) and she climbs up on the side of the bed if we are on it and tries to get up on the bed.  Hilarious!  Here's a picture of her climbing on the entertainment center; she sees her reflection in the glass (actually the baby that is on the other side of the glass ;-)) and wants to get in there. 

As I was folding clothes on the floor, she decided to come help me.  I decided to put a reusable swim diaper on her.  

We got this beanie/hat from a friend of Ginny's, Brianne, and it never really fit Kaylor very well.  But now, it does.

And, apparently, she loves to read the newspaper in her new hat.  (Yes, we are still in boxes.  As mentioned earlier, we are only in this apartment for a few more weeks so we kept most of our stuff packed out of convenience.)

A friend of ours, Pauli, and her friend Breanne, came down for a week for a little vay-cay.  We all went to our first Diamondback's game.  The stadium is amazing---it's a dome!!!  We carried little K in our harness.

This is what I came home to today.  Apparently Ginny is trying out for extreme couponing or at least loves to bathe in them on the bed.  HA.  Just kidding.  Ginny is very conscious of our finances and always tries to find the best deals.  We definitely did today.  Our new favorite store...Fresh and Easy!!!!
 We are having fun, camping out!  We definitely are ready for things to get rolling with this job so we can get some more normalcy back to our mundane lives.  But, it's an adventure to find things to do.  We found a $2 movie theater; we are so excited about it!  It takes me back to when Auntie Bea and I use to get dropped off there with our homemade popped popcorn and see our show!  

We definitely miss family but skype and texting correspondence helps!  Auntie Bea comes in a few days=amazing!! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yes, she's made it to 6 mos.  She's still adorable and everyone loves her.  She's also crawling a ton and we can't keep our hands on her.  She even pulls her self up to standing position.  Yes, she's only 6 mos.  Ha.  She's very good at finding electrical cords and shoving them in her mouth.  She still loves food and gets overly offended if we are eating and she is not. But we love her just the same.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two weeks strong and sweating

Actually, the weather isn't that bad.  Yes, it is 100+ degrees for most of the day.  But yesterday, we sat by the pool after about 7 and there was a nice breeze and it was comfortable, much better than tolerable.  

We have finally found a place to live and moved all of our stuff in yesterday, thanks to the amazing help of our friends, the George Family, and our new ward family.  Wards here are definitely different than Louisiana; something we knew coming into this adventure.  But several people introduced themselves to us at church and offered to help in our move.

We are subleasing an apartment from a member of this ward.  She needed to move out and we needed to move in.  The Lord definitely put us in the same path; tender mercies.  The lease will expire July 21 so we will find some place different before then.  In the meantime, we will be camping out, as Ginny's aunt Jeanette so eloquently described it.  We will go through a few boxes and keep the rest packed.  

Ginny had a second interview with an outreach company today and has a third one tomorrow with the athletic director of a local high school.  We feel really good about this one and hope she gets it.

Bonnie George, of the aforementioned family, and I went to high school together for a year and were best friends.  We have kept in moderate contact with one another over the 13 years since then and she even came to our sealing and reception!!  Now, little Bonnie is a grown adult and has her own family.  They live in the valley and we have become good friends with them.  They were gracious enough to let us stay in their beautiful home for a few days.  We felt like family there.  

Ginny's mom came to help us watch Kaylor as we ran the roads getting different things done.  She was such a big help!  It is nice to have them closer!  My parents are seriously contemplating moving closer as well; that will be a blessing.

Other than that, we are plugging along.  We have several friends/family members coming to visit us in the next month or so and we are anticipating their arrival.