Saturday, November 26, 2011


This morning, I woke up to finish a paper that is due next week. My homepage is and I saw there was a new video I haven't watched from Mormon Messages. Of course, I'd rather do anything than finish my paper but I also felt I needed to watch the video. I did. It helped. I hope it lifts your day as well!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pumpkin addiction

Ginny is slightly obsessed with pumpkin. Anything pumpkin. Cookies, shakes, custard, donuts, cakes and even stew.

Today, she conjured up a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. It was amazing. The bubble liked it too! Ginny's mom flew in last week for the shower and made pumpkin stew. It was awesome! Ginny baked the left-over pumpkin, pureed it and baked it into a cheesecake. Here's a slice.

Clothes, clothes and more clothes

We recently had many great additions added to our wardrobe. Well, that's not completely true. The clothes added were all for the bubble. We spent three loads washing them all. Most of them have come from family and friends of which/whom we are truly grateful. We think we are set for the first 3 mos. for sure and have a good start on the first 6 mos. However, who is to be certain. I was informed Friday that the baby will not come with an instruction manual. REALLY?!?! Ha. I replied with, "It will. It's in the placenta, I'm sure. It'll probably be taped to it like a shipping label and I'll just have to look for it."

Here is a picture of the clothes we washed.
We also washed the bubbles' diapers. They have to air dry. Soon, a little cute baby bum will fill those. Can't wait.
Ginny and I are getting ready. She is feeling the last trimester and trying to be optimistic about it. There are some growing pains but she is working through them. So, physically and mentally, we are preparing as best we can.

As a selfish plug, we still have items on our Target and BabiesRUs registries which have yet to be sent to us. If you can't find something on there that is within your price range, we accept all forms of gift cards and even ca$h. Ok, sorry if that's tacky but I'll take the heat for it. Anything for our wonderful new bundle of joy. If you have sent us something, we are sincerely grateful! She should be here within the next 4 weeks. Hooray!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 5

Ginny planned a spectacular surprise birthday for me. Some (not all) of my closest friends were there. The day started with breakfast at a local place here with some close friends. Then Ginny and I went to lunch at Albasha and shopped for a bit. Then we went and saw In Time. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Then, we went to the house and I was surprised by my friends and family. We watched the LSU game and had a grand ole' time.

Maternity Pics by Sierra

This past weekend we ventured to the old Hammond high school to shoot some great shots with the amazing and ever lovely Sierra Kennedy with some great props by Ouizer and Lee-Lee and Josh. Here are some shots. As a disclaimer from Sierra, they are not edited so all of the magic isn't there. These are just a few. I didn't want to spoil all of them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

They're here!!

We decided a long time ago to save ourselves some cash and save the environment by diapering our child with cloth instead of disposable material. We ordered them Sunday night and got them today. So, here are few pictures and...for the first time ever...a video!!!

I decided I wanted to test out the diapers so I grabbed the closest thing to me and diapered our water bottle.
Our new freshly diapered water bottle; isn't she cute:
We used a website called Cotton Babies and picked the brand Bum Genius. We love them. There are 18 and each one is adjustable and comes with 2 different sized inserts. Check out the video to get a demonstration from yours truly.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wow, such a difference

So, I've been called to repentance about not updating the blog as much. I'm sure I have nothing else better to do. HAHA. Of course, we both wish we had more time to update but sometimes it's not the first priority. BUT. Here is a great post to make up for it.

So, I took the below pictures of Ginny only a week apart. See any improvement?

She is almost 33 weeks. I know the angles and distances are a bit different in the pictures but there is a noticeable difference, right?! I'm pretty sure my exact words were, "Ginny, Oh my gosh," when I compared the two pictures. Everything is going well with the mom and baby. Of course, there is some discomfort when sleeping and sitting and the fingers are naked of rings (not without protest from her). However, she is perfectly healthy and quite satisfied. We are both quite anxious for our new arrival. And, no name as of yet.

In other news, Ginny just finished some more revisions for her Thesis. We aren't sure it will ever end. I am still in school and slated to graduate at the end of Summer. We have been looking for grad schools for me but are undecided. Ginny and I both still have two jobs. Although, football season is coming to a close but the subbing jobs are picking up. I'm not sure either of us will ever know what it is to file taxes for just one employer.

I hope this is sufficient for today. I'm sure I will post more later but I've got to get back to the important things in The Biggest Loser!