Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The air is hummin' and somethin' great is comin'.

Sondheim definitely made it clear that somethin' is around the corner. We just had a cold front come through and I love it. Even though our landlord is a bit behind in insulating our house, I love the crisp, cool weather of fall. So excited!

Also, on a different note, Ginny just finished coaching volleyball. For this, I am truly grateful. The added payment will help with expenses but I'm ready to have my wife back. One of her 7th grade students emphatically told me, "You are my background." Apparently, she snapped a picture of me on her phone and I am her background. They all lovingly call me Baby Daddy because they don't know my name. It's quite humorous.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lazy day!

Today has been a lazy day. Ginny and I came home from church, laid and bed and haven't moved since we came home. It's 609 amd we've only left the bed to eat and do what happens after you eat. It's been a great day! Full of feeling the baby girl move, watching Oprah, watching soccer,and chilling. Awesome!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

29 weeks

As of Thursday, 6 October, Ginny will be 29 weeks. She passed her glucose test this past Monday and also had a Rhogam (Google if you don't know what the shot does, exactly)shot. Ginny has a negative (-) blood type and mine is positive (+) so she needed the shot incase her blood starts building antibodies and delivering those to the bubble. And for those wondering, we have yet to pick out a name.

So, a little story from our day out. The day we went to get Ginny's blood work, we had some time to kill in between the blood work and getting her Rhogam shot. We decided to go to shop at two of our favorite stores, Kohls and Kirklands. As we drove up to the shopping center, we noticed a car parked on the sidewalk of Hobby Lobby.
Yes, a woman made her own parking spot. Insane! Then, as we were going to lunch, we found another guy who was making a u-turn at a intersection didn't quite make it. He ended up driving up on the curb of the opposite lane of traffic and blocked a whole lane. It was a day to remember, for sure.

Also, as a final thought, I've updated our blog look because I love the fall. I'm so happy it's here and hope this amazing weather is here to stay forever!