Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pet Peeves and Happy Memories

I'm sure it's been done before on other blogs, but never have you seen it done here before. Here ya' are, my top pet peeves. Of course it's not all of them-too many to list. In no order, mind you:

  1. Improper grammar use; mainly in writing
  2. When people interrupt me
  3. When people interrupt me to say something irrelevant
  4. Sore throats
  5. The phrase, "appreciatcha"
  6. Laziness
  7. Lying; just tell me you're not going to do something as opposed to telling me you are and then not do it
  8. Serious conversations through text messages
  9. Cats
  10. Olivia the cat
  11. Secrets
  12. Pranks
  13. Improper testimonies; i.e. "fiber of my being", "I love my roommates/girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse", stories and/or reading the scriptures-it's not a talk
  14. Friends who aren't real friends
  15. body hair-too much or the lack thereof
  16. "BookS of Mormon" or even worse, "Book of Mormons", let's try Copies of the Book of Mormon-yay!!
  17. Yay, Yeah, Ya, Ye, Yea-use them properly!
  18. Being called Timmy with childish overtones.
  19. People automatically thinking just b/c I'm the guy, everything will be alright.
  20. Making excuses for something instead of doing something about it.
  21. People taking money or not giving money that is rightfully yours
  22. Sales
  23. When people don't acknowledge politeness; if someone holds the door open, say thank you. If someone says thank you, say you're welcome. If you are going straight and someone has to step out of your way or stop so as to not collide with you, say excuse me.
  24. ValentiMes Day
  25. Shaving
So, as I began writing this list, I figured I needed to off-set it with some happy memories.

  1. Getting a new phone
  2. Getting contacts
  3. The first time someone told me I had a beautiful smile
  4. any hug
  5. Kissing my mom after her surgery
  6. Moving in with my sister
  7. The first time someone asked me to play piano in church
  8. Singing "Earth Angel" to the Homecoming queen instead of someone else singing to her
  9. Following the spirit in making the right decision
  10. having a full-time job after not having one
  11. Quitting my job at Ochsner
  12. My Dyson
  13. Having special friend(s) who thought to get me a Dyson
  14. Using my Dyson-it still makes me smile
  15. Hugging my parents when I got home from my mission
  16. Lunch dates; specifically with Heather
  17. Performing.
  18. When a girl plans a date for us
  19. When someone asks me to give them a blessing
  20. Knowing someone's full name for a blessing w/o them telling me
  21. My Bass Pro pillow
  22. The Color Purple
  23. Live Musicals
  24. Frozen Custard and the friends I eat it with
  25. When old friends find you and you can still talk like there was no yesterday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Some how I'll be strong"

I've been struggling. I think that's a line I've been saying for a good few years. I'd get into that a little bit deeper, but that's for a much more depressing blog and I'm not quite ready for it, yet.

So, some events that have occurred in the last few days. Saturday, Ouizer, Dolly and Clairee went to Hattiesburg to discover a new kind of fun. Well, it would have been nice if it actually was a new kind of fun, but it was just another YSA dance. Ouizer heard about the dance and so we decided to go. The trip was made of a little Kelly, some Pink and a few lougies (sp?). It also consisted of an extended bathroom break, a plunger, a clown and some more potty breaks. Hattiesburg is about 2.5 hours away and the dance wasn't all that. We stayed for about and hour and danced a few songs. Ouizer and I showed off and Clairee and I got a little freaky with some ghetto moves. Ok, I got freaky and Clairee resisted-all in good fun, though!! As we decided to leave, we were met by a few people who were so apologetic about the dance. We told them it really wasn't that bad, but we had to get headed back. In all honesty, it wasn't that bad. It was a small gathering of about 20 kids who were a good 5-10 years younger than we were. So, we peace'd out and went to Checkers and then to Krispy Kreme then spent the rest of the trip trying not to fall asleep!

Yesterday morning (also Saturday) I woke up to play disc golf with a friend of mine. After realizing it was raining, I went back to sleep until I had to get up for school. I love my math teacher. He explains things where it is very easy to understand. Plus, he gets so excited about math. After class, I jumped online and my friend asked if I wanted to play disc golf then. So we went. We met up with another buddy and played nine holes. It was the first time I ever played but I really enjoyed it. In case you're unfamiliar with such a sport, it's the basic principle of golf, but with frisbees instead of balls, no clubs and a cage of sorts instead of a whole. You still have the same basic rules as golf and it's a lot of fun!!! My arm's a little sore, but I'm good for it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cats and Contacts

So, I felt like having some alliteration in my post, so I'll talk about them both.

Shehad, my roommate owns 2 cats. The first one, Olivia, he obtained from a friend. She's grey with black stripes and adorably cute. However, she's fiesty. When he first got her-a worthy note, the vet told us she was a he and Shehad named her/him Oliver-she was very sweet and loving. She is still sweet and loving but has an attitude. I really think she's a human trapped in a cat's body. She knows she's not allowed in my room. However, when I leave my door open, she comes on in like she's never been beat, kicked, or sprayed out of my room before. But the minute I say, "Olivia" she squeaks which is cat for "What? I'm not doing anything."

All in all, though, I've realized that cats aren't that bad. I will never personally buy one. But they aren't as horrifically annoying as I thought. Although, early in the morning, before I've had my cereal, when she comes up to me and wraps her body around my legs annoyance plays a huge part in my tone with her.

Contacts. I finally have contacts. Oddly enough, for years, I've always wanted contacts and braces (for teeth). I think my reasoning is I saw a ton of kids while I was attending elemtary school have either glasses or braces. Then junior high, people seemed to have contacts a lot. I was kind of deprived as a kid. Not deliberately, but I definitely was not given all the luxuries of life, but I was well taken care of. Anyway, it was something I wanted. I got braces when I was 16 and I just got contacts yesterday. They are pretty amazing, when they are not bugging the heck out of me. I'm kinda sick right now, so my body is really dry which makes my eyes dry. So on top of all that, the annoyance of having some foreign object in my eye, having to put a foreign object in my eye and having to adjust to a new perscription definitely makes it hard. However, it's so much nicer to look at street signs with sunglasses on. Now, I don't have to wear glasses all the time when I don't want to. It's definitely a luxury I've wanted for a while.

In addition to the perscription I need for contacts, I also want colored/tinted lenses. I've wanted those for a while too. I've heard some scary stories of them, but I want EVERYONE's opinion. I want to know what people have heard of using them. Especially, if you've used them yourself, what are they like. Give me some feedback, for once!