Monday, October 14, 2013

It's happening again.

I've been meaning to tell y'all, Ginny is pregnant again.  She's about 21 weeks and we are both way excited.  Another girl is on the way.  Ginny and I both think she is a farther along than we originally were told. We still need to have another ultrasound to measure the little fetus, but she'll come when she wants to. We are hoping to find another physician, or even a midwife this time.  We have an OB right now but aren't super impressed so we are shopping around.  

In other news, we are also moving.  Our lease is up this month and with Aunt Bea moving in with us, we needed another bed room.  G followed the spirit and found another place to live.  There is an older couple we met who is going on a mission for a year.  They are leaving the 15th and we need to be out of our apartment by the perfect.

I really had all intentions of posting the sonogram photos but I have already packed our printer/scanner so it's not happening...sorry!  The second kid always gets the shaft, believe me, I know!