Saturday, August 25, 2012

Travelin along

First off, why is there going to be a new Steel Magnolia's movie?  The original movie is a classic.  It does not need to be redone by anyone.  You will never get a cast as amazing as Dolly, Daryl, Julia, Olympia, Sally, and Shirley. 

We've been living in California for a little over a month now.  The weather is vastly improving.  And by improving, I mean getting cooler.  And by cooler I mean being able to open the windows at night.  We are living with Ginny's Aunt and Uncle.  It will be nice to eventually have our own space again but we are so lucky to be able to live here.

One of us finally got a job; me.  I have been accepted for a position at the new Five Guys opening in the next town over.  It's only about 10 minutes from where we live so it'll be super convenient.  For another job at a local hospital, I have had three interviews and a competency test.  Hopefully, I will hear something from them this next week and I can work there instead.  Ginny has gone back and forth with the main two jobs that we were looking for here.  She may be working at Five Guys too.  We have also decided that I will look into getting into college sooner.  I might as well since I am not doing anything else productive right now.  I have looked into the University of Phoenix and will be touring two other campuses this week to decide.  UoP will probably be the best bet because I can start in late October.

Kaylor is amazing us.  She is so close to walking.  She's taken a few shaky steps but nothing to write home about yet.  I feel she will be so much happier when she finally just walks.  She's in a screaming stage right now and I think it's partly to do with her frustrations between not walking, tooth discomfort and these two people who keep telling her, "che, che, no, no, don't do that, that's not yours, that's not for you, stop sticking the cell phone charger in your mouth."  She is also waking up bright and early at 6 am.  We have been giving in and going for a walk as to not wake our roommates up.  Tomorrow, however, we are going to try to give her a bottle if she wakes up and see if she will go back to sleep.  Let's see.

Other than that, we miss our Louisiana family and hope to see them soon. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

8 mos

Here is our precious girl or as her uncle calls her, "My special princess."

She is really starting to walk a lot more...holding on still.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for her to walk yet because I feel she is still so young, but she will walk when she wants to.  I know, however, it will be a lot better for her to get around on her own when she wants to.  Also, she is starting to get a little heavy to carry.  

She has one tooth coming through on the bottom and one next to it that is trying to come up with it.