Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our little animal

I'm sure you are all just in stitches to hear about our Kaylor.

We got home with no problems Tuesday afternoon. Ginny took a few days to recover and is still a little sore but has approved much.

We went to two doctor's appointments already for Kaylor. The resident neonatologist encouraged us to see Kaylor's (PCP) primary care physician within 3 days of discharge. The neo and Kaylor's PCP agreed that she needs to see an opthamologist because a blocked tear duct in her left eye. We have an appointment in mid-January.

We have, of coursed, altered our sleeping habits. Ginny is learning quickly to sleep when the little one sleeps.

Our animal has made several humorous noises which resemble different animals: ducks, dogs, velocirapters, elephants and even the goat from the last fifteen minutes of Willow.

We are very grateful to everyone that has brought us meals and extended their services to us. My sister stayed a few days with us and my parents also came in town to lend a hand and spend Christmas with us. Ginny's mom arrived Sunday and will be here through 3 Jan.

We have bathed her a few times and found out quickly that she goes straight from the bath to a towel or you get this.

This girl pees like a race horse! She's peed on Ginny a few times and has pooped on us as well.

That leads us to the next question most of you are dying to are the cloth diapers?

We have been keeping her in regular diapers until we get a better handle on when she goes. We used one today and even used our sprayer to rinse it out in the toilet. Worked like a charm.

I'm sorry the only picture I have is her peeing on me but I will definitely post more later, I'm sure.

Of course, we had a great Christmas with everyone here. We were

Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome to the world bubble!!!!

This is Aunt Bea (aka Ouiser) reporting from the front line about the birth of our new little addition... Tim and Ginny are unable to update from their ipad, so I'm here to let you all know a little bit about how things went!!!
Saturday about 5am Ginny started having more consistent birthing waves and had a feeling the miracle of birth was starting so she woke Tim up to tell him it was time to go to the hospital, his response when she said "hey it's time" was "YAY!!!!" so they went to the hospital to check everything out, and she was still at 2cm and the birthing waves were coming about every 2-3 min lasting 60-90 seconds, and she was effaced about 65% so they did some tests and thought she may be dehydrated which would cause the birthing waves to come closer together, but they weren't terribly strong at this point, and not being more dilated or effaced and her water still in tact at this point they gave her some fluids and the waves lessened a little bit and they asked her about 10:30am if she wanted them to start her on pitocin to start inducing the labor along or let her go home to ride out the waves till the little blessing decided she was ready to come, and they decided to come home...
The birthing waves were consistent through out the day, and gradually got stronger and about 10:30pm it was getting to be a little more strong and they decided to come up to the hospital to get ready for her to come. Ginny was still only at 2cm and had gotten to 60% effaced so they checked her in and put her in the labor/delivery/recovery room and she was a real trooper, Leesa and I were in there for a little while, and she was doing her breathing techniques and taking on those birthing waves like a champ!!! At 1am she was 3cm and 80% effaced and still going strong... she slowly went up to about 5-6cm at 4:15am and at 4:50 her water broke!!! It was game on at that point!! Tim called the nurse in and when the nurse came in to check her and thought they probably still had a ways to go b/c it had been going slowly up till then, but when she saw the water and checked her she pushed the nurses station button and said "CALL HIM" (meaning the dr) he got there about 20 min later , and after 4 pushes little Kaylor Michelle Garner was welcomed into the world at 5:54am on December 18, 2011 weighing in at 8lbs 3oz 19 1/4 in long..
Kaylor Michelle Garner
Daddy and Kaylor
Mommy and Kaylor
She is a sweet, calm and amazing little baby girl, and our family is so lucky to have her join us... the only time she makes noise is when she is hungry, or someone is messing with her feet or taking her temperature... She has mom's eyes and daddy's nose and lips (in my personal professional opinion:) )
She loves her mom and dad and looks around for them when they are talking.
Aunt Bea and Auntie Leesa are her favorites, and are more than ready to spoil this little girl... And she can't wait to meet the rest of her family in California at Easter!!
Auntie Leesa and Kaylor
Aunt Bea and Kaylor

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Family, isn't it about...time?

For those of you Mormons out there, I hope you recognize the reference. If not, Google the title and watch some great videos from yesteryear.

Ginny started having more birthing waves (contractions) last night. How fitting that she was working. Yes, she's 39.5 weeks and still working; relentless! The birthing waves were semi-strong and sporadic so we didn't think too much of it. They tapered off around 8 pm and started back about 10. She woke up about 500 and got me up about 530 saying, "Hey babe, I think it's time." They were about 60 seconds each and 2-4 minutes apart. I excitedly got out of bed and we left about 6 to head for the hospital. We checked in at 2 cm and 50 % effaced. They monitored her for an hour and the doctor suggested to get in some fluids. After the RN struck a vein, literally, and cleaned up a minor pool of blood that came from the vein (silly RN), Ginny received fluids for about an hour and her birthing waves lessened and spread apart. The RN checked her again and she was still 2 cm but about 65% effaced. She talked to the dr. and he gave us the option of going home or staying and getting some pitocin to promote induction but we declined. We came back and spent some time with Ouizer and Leesa then took a well-deserved nap.

We just went for a walk and the birthing waves are getting a bit stronger and again are 2-4 minutes apart. The water bag has yet to break.

To explain the birthing waves, we are using a birthing technique that involves self-hypnosis. The technique comes from Hypnobabies and Ginny has been very diligent researching this. We use different terminology like birthing waves instead of contractions and birthing time instead of labor because of the implications on the inner mind with those words. Contractions sounds like something is inhibiting rather than providing a progressive moment. Labor sounds intense and like work.

Hopefully our little girl will decide to come soon and stop playing around. You would think she would rather be outside where there is a ton more room, right?! So, until then, we will just watch Utah State beat Ohio in the Idaho Potato Bowl. Bubble, isn't it about...time?!?!?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go...

We are packed and ready to go to the hospital any day now. We are just waiting on our little girl to make her decision. Ginny is one day shy of 39 weeks. She is being a trooper. We keep telling the bubble that there is plenty of room out here instead of being trapped inside. She likes to push our on ginny's belly, a lot!

I thought I would sing the bubble a little song to help her make her final decent. You might recognize the tune.

The bubble will come out, tomorrow
bet your bottom diaper that tomorrow,
she will come.

When your stuck in a place, that's dark, wet and gloomy
just stick your head through and come out to sayyayayayayyayay,
The bubble will come out tomorrow!

We both wish it was tomorrow, if not today! Maybe I should stop singing to the bubble and she'd want to come out. Haha. We are ready for her whenever she comes. We are super excited to meet her and cannot wait.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

de' Bubble in de' belly

First, here is a current picture of Ginny at 38 weeks:
Second, our friend Sierra took some pictures of our lil' family. She is an amateur photographer, but you really would think she is professional, as you will see below. Here are a few of our favorites. She took them at a local hotspot, no pun intended. This is the ruins of the old Hammond high school that burned down.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Per request

We went to the doctor today. Ginny is about 1 cm and the doctor said we have another week at least. This is very good news for us because I am still in finals and my sister is going out of town this next weekend. So, after she gets back, the bubble can come anytime. My sister has texted the bubble to make sure she she understands this. The bubble can only text because she can't use her vocal chords under water, duh!

Here are some cute baby things we have. I may or may not have played around by putting a stuffed reindeer Donnie gave us in the stroller, but we left him out of the pictures.

Here is the crib Ginny's parents bought for us. Ginny's mom made the quilt, sheet and dust ruffle seen here. There are other sheets she made as well with other similar material.

Ginny is a bit obsessed with frogs so we have added to our collection:
The quilt:

A sheet and bed/dust ruffle:

Here is the changing table that goes with the crib:
Ginny's glider and the bubble's diaper bag:
Our high-tech stroller:

It's beginning to smell like Christmas!

Ginny and I went and bought our first Christmas tree together. It's the 2nd real Christmas tree I remember having. Ginny thinks it is a Frasier Fir. It's about 5' which is perfect for us. Ginny's mom gave her all of her childhood ornaments. It is definitely very cute. Below are before and after shots of the tree decorated. I'm not going to label them because I'm pretty sure you can figure it out. I actually tried to put them side by side but have yet to become a professional at this.