Thursday, November 1, 2012


We went trick or treating last night with Kaylor.  I tried getting some pictures of her during the actual act but it wasn't light enough outside.  A few days ago, we were able to snap a few pictures of her at the Pumpkin Patch.  Where we live, there is a place you can go to buy a pumpkin and there are some kiddy rides and such.  We took the opportunity to shoot a few pics. These are a few of the ones I took.  We also capture one of Sophie for her 10 month photo.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's a small world after all.

Ginny's and my parents chipped in for our birthdays and got us annual passes to Disneyland!  We were so excited to go.  I've only been once a few months ago so it was fun to go again.  Ginny grew up in Cali and has been a ton of times.  We brought Kaylor for the first time too!  She was definitely a trooper.  Here's a few pictures from our trip.  

Kaylor with her Dumbo shirt on.  She looks like a grown up. 

From October-Christmas, the Haunted Mansion is transformed into the Nightmare Before Christmas.  It was really neat to see the difference.  Jack welcomed us to his home. 

Kaylor's and my first time on Dumbo.

Last time I went to Disneyland, we didn't see one character.  This is Ariel (in her human form).  We were lucky to get a picture with her.  There were some crotchety people "in line" to take a picture and I think we unknowingly jumped in front of them.  Sorry for the poor quality; I tried to edit it a bit to make it look better.  Kaylor was not so interested in the mermaid princess. 

And the classic, Splash Mountain.  We used Ginny's dad's "no stairs" pass to get ahead of everyone.  Donnie came with us too.  We are the last three in the log.
Funny story about this.  Ginny and her cousin were talking about how wet we would get during the ride.  Ginny told me it might be a good idea, when I get in the log, to take my socks and shoes off.  So, I kept bumping into the old guy in front of me trying to take my shoes and socks off.  So, I'm holding my shoes in the picture.  I think it's pretty hilarious.  

9 mos.

We love our Kaylor.  She gets more special every time we see her.  We feel like she's getting so big.  Here's a picture we took tonight.  We found these jammies and they are 12 mos!!  

Ok, I know it's a lot late to be posting her 9 mos. picture but here she is, with her beloved Sophie.

And instead of giving you a list of things she does now, I made a video.  There are two parts because it was too big to send from my phone.  

          Part 1

                                                            Part 2


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1,2,3,4, FIVE GUYS!

I'm certain the only people who read this are looking for an update from Kaylor.  Well, since she doesn't type as fast as I do on the computer then you will just have to settle for an update form me. 

I have a job!  Technically, I've had a job for about 2 weeks but I just started two days ago with Five Guys.  I am helping this franchise open their third store in the area.  Yes, I am 30 years old and a little embarrassed I am working for a burger chain and being managed by several individuals who are younger than I am.  However, it's the first company that has hired me and I am not ashamed to work for this company.  If you haven't looked into this chain, you should.  I feel they have a superior product and a good sense of work.  I also feel it's a great opportunity to work through college, and possibly have a chance of moving into management soon.  

Ginny is still searching.  She has had several leads but no luck.  Matter-of-fact, she's had the opposite of luck, whatever that may be.  She is looking into being a free lance ATC and has an opportunity to work for a contract based company.  

Ok, I'll update a little bit for Kaylor (she is sleeping right now, anyway).  She has 1.5 teeth and doesn't seem to mind biting either of us.  She loves giving raspberries to Ginny and I and even on herself.  She LOVES taking baths.  She loves being in the bathroom for any reason; the mirror, the tub, the toilet, eating toilet paper.  She's not picky as long as we let her go in there.  She gets excited when we even pass by the bathroom.  

All in all, we are in good spirits.  We are looking forward to the cooler fall weather. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Travelin along

First off, why is there going to be a new Steel Magnolia's movie?  The original movie is a classic.  It does not need to be redone by anyone.  You will never get a cast as amazing as Dolly, Daryl, Julia, Olympia, Sally, and Shirley. 

We've been living in California for a little over a month now.  The weather is vastly improving.  And by improving, I mean getting cooler.  And by cooler I mean being able to open the windows at night.  We are living with Ginny's Aunt and Uncle.  It will be nice to eventually have our own space again but we are so lucky to be able to live here.

One of us finally got a job; me.  I have been accepted for a position at the new Five Guys opening in the next town over.  It's only about 10 minutes from where we live so it'll be super convenient.  For another job at a local hospital, I have had three interviews and a competency test.  Hopefully, I will hear something from them this next week and I can work there instead.  Ginny has gone back and forth with the main two jobs that we were looking for here.  She may be working at Five Guys too.  We have also decided that I will look into getting into college sooner.  I might as well since I am not doing anything else productive right now.  I have looked into the University of Phoenix and will be touring two other campuses this week to decide.  UoP will probably be the best bet because I can start in late October.

Kaylor is amazing us.  She is so close to walking.  She's taken a few shaky steps but nothing to write home about yet.  I feel she will be so much happier when she finally just walks.  She's in a screaming stage right now and I think it's partly to do with her frustrations between not walking, tooth discomfort and these two people who keep telling her, "che, che, no, no, don't do that, that's not yours, that's not for you, stop sticking the cell phone charger in your mouth."  She is also waking up bright and early at 6 am.  We have been giving in and going for a walk as to not wake our roommates up.  Tomorrow, however, we are going to try to give her a bottle if she wakes up and see if she will go back to sleep.  Let's see.

Other than that, we miss our Louisiana family and hope to see them soon. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

8 mos

Here is our precious girl or as her uncle calls her, "My special princess."

She is really starting to walk a lot more...holding on still.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for her to walk yet because I feel she is still so young, but she will walk when she wants to.  I know, however, it will be a lot better for her to get around on her own when she wants to.  Also, she is starting to get a little heavy to carry.  

She has one tooth coming through on the bottom and one next to it that is trying to come up with it.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7? 7? I'm in Heaven!

Our little one has made it to 7 mos.  She is adorable as ever.  She moves a ton and this is the picture could get of her that was still enough.  We took her to the park today and Ginny caught a few delightful shots of Kaylor on the swing for the first time.  We had her laughing pretty hard but when the camera came out, all went quiet.  How does she know?!  So, Ginny got between Kaylor and the camera so she could try to get her to laugh.  She only gave us a portion of laughter.  

  • She is still using anything that will stand still for more than 5 seconds to pull herself up.  
  • She crawls with a janky leg.  It's fairly hilarious.  
  • She is laughing more.  
  • No teeth yet, but she is chewing on everything in sight.  
  • She loves dogs and is intrigued by them.  
  • She's eating everything we give her and very well.  
  • She can feed herself!  She can pick up things with her hand and even has then pincer grasp.  
  • She wakes up very happy and likes to babble.
  • She loves to play with her baby cousins.  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our new travels...

An update you say?  For those of you only on here to look at Kaylor, here's your fix.

She is standing any opportunity she gets the chance.  Yes, she's only 6 mos, but almost 7!  We also got a "little" mirror to attach in the car so we can see her in the rear view mirror and so she can see herself.  This is the fourth one we've tried.  The first one only stayed on the window for a few minutes.  The second one was sufficient but we wanted something bigger.  We found another one that was bigger and had music and flashing lights but the batteries were drained very quickly.  So we decided to go with this one.  It works perfectly.  She likes to sleep with her froggie!  She's actually been doing so much better at sleeping through the night.  Hopefully, this will continue!

So, for those of you actually worried about us.  We have been in Arizona for two months now.  After much prayer, we have decided to move to California; the same city Ginny is from.  There is a ton of family there and we will a great support system, plus the weather is a lot better than Arizona and Louisiana.  We will be living with Ginny's uncle and aunt until we get jobs and find a place of our very own.  I've already applied at several locations and Ginny has had an interview and has three other jobs she has applied for.  Things will work out.

We have been so confused as to what's been going on with our lives but we know this; we were supposed to come to Arizona and we are supposed to move to California now.  We also know this has been for our benefit.  We have been stuck together with each other for 2 mos. straight and our relationship is stronger for it.  We know each other better now and are so happy to be together.  Plus, we've seen our creative side in finding things to do on a low budget in a hot area. 

We move to California Tuesday and are way excited.  We feel like it's the best for us all.  Westward Ho!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Drug Free Part 2

I must mention that I devote a lot of my success to getting off of this medication because I try to live a moderately healthy lifestyle.  I limit carbonated, caffeinated, and/or sugary beverages to a minimum.  We only have these beverages in our home if company is coming and they want it or on special occasions.  I also try to exercise daily, even if it's just a few laps around the pool or a walk down the canal behind our home. 

Also, I try to stay very positive and have positive self-talk.  Yes, I talk to myself.  You do too; if you don't, you need to start.  Also, I never saw this is "I have an anxiety disorder".  I simply had a bout of anxiety that led me to have stress in my life which caused my body to betray me.  I guess that's why people just say, "I have an anxiety disorder."; it's much easier to say that. But I feel that if I say that then I am owning up to some disorder I am not willing to have around forever. 

When Ginny was pregnant with Kaylor, we went through a series of lessons associated with hypnotherapy for natural childbirth.  There was an audio track I listened to in order to help me know my place in the delivery room.  It helped me to understand how to stay calm and be there for Ginny.  I have learned that simply telling myself, "You are ok.  You are in a safe place.  You are safe.  You are fine.  Nothing is wrong with you.  Your body is ok.  Your heart is ok" among many other affirmations, I can relieve myself of the stress or anxiety.  For me, I can do this anytime but sometimes I might have to sit still with my eyes closed to get a stronger effect.

Ginny also helps in my endeavors.  Mainly, she helps as part of the team we call a family.  She fills in where I cannot make it.  She takes up my slack and I take up hers.  We work together to be sure our lives are as good as they can be.

Lastly, my strength also comes from the gospel.  I understand that prayer is important for my health and well being.

Now, I no longer take this medication and hopefully can allow stress to escape my life. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Drug free.

I'm not sure I mentioned much about anxiety and the effect it has on me.  I am going to be as diplomatic about this as I can with being as honest as I can.  My main object for this post is to help those who have had, think they have or may ever have an anxious situation.  Oh, does that cover everyone? OK!

Last year, about this same time, I started to have some physical discomfort.  Over a period of weeks, my chest became really tight, my breathing became labored and I felt light headed.  All symptoms came and went as unwelcome guests.  I have always been go-go-go and don't like to sit still or idol in anyway.  I didn't understand, however, that all of this has a great bit to do with how I handled stress at that time in my life.

One day, I was sitting on the couch, feeling uneasy at our home and looked at Ginny, my confidant, my joy, my trustworthy companion.  She has an extensive medical knowledge so I thought she might be able to assist me.  I was feeling tightness in my chest, lightheaded, and shortness of breath.  The room began to spin (the first time I have ever experienced this outside of spinning in circles as a child).  I told Ginny something was wrong and then proceeded to have stronger feelings of discomfort.  I mentioned all of this to Ginny and asked what I should do.  Then I felt I was about to pass out.  Ginny instructed me to lie down on the bed and to prop my legs up, above my heart so all the blood to flow towards my brain.  We were quite worried about what was happening.  My cousin Lolita was living with us, thankfully.  We thought I might be having a reaction to too much sugar so I started eating protein to counterbalance it.  I downed about 1 liter of water.  Then we finally concluded I must be having a panic attack.  My bishop came over and gave me a blessing.

The attack was disturbing and very dissatisfying, to say the least. My body had finally said, "enough is enough.  You need to slow down!"  It had betrayed me.  I was under the impression we were friends but we were in a very bad place in our relationship, apparently.  I was being quite uncooperative and not heeding the promptings it had given me up until this time.

I went to the doctor and like the majority of Americans, was too busy to do anything else but ask for a quick fix.  I received a Rx. for an anti-anxiety medication, paroxentine (the generic version of Paxil).  I had a companion on my mission with this same medication and felt it was safe and, anyways, needed something to help me and needed it now!  I was working a full-time job and going to summer school.  I didn't have time to do anything but get something in my system that would allow me to continue living the lifestyle I had become accustomed to.

Well, the medication worked.  It was very hard to get used to, however. Luckily, my Aunt Bea has gone through some of the same concerns before and was very helpful through this ordeal.  I'm sure I called her more than was needed or wanted but it became apparent to me that I needed help and that help had to come from outside sources.  There were many side effects I experienced, dry mouth, ( constipation needs to come next to sound like a commercial but I did not experience this, thanks to ole' friend, Lactose Intolerancy) light-headed, brain zaps (nerve-like shocks through my brain and upper extremities; mainly in the front lobe and eye sockets), and even extra bouts of anxiety.

Fast-forward to a year later.  My prescription was only for a year.  I had to make a decision.  Without insurance, do I go to a doctor to renew my prescription?  Do I slowly ween myself off of this prescription with or without a doctor's care; again, with no insurance?  or Do I just stop taking the prescription all together, cold turkey and see how it works.

After consulting with my wife and a pharmacist and after some web searching ( NO WEB MD ), I decided to cut cold turkey.  I forgot one time to take my medicine and decided this was the time to stop.  I was concerned about all of the withdrawal symptoms mentioned by others who have stopped.  Some of the same side effects effected me after stopping the medication, mainly brain zaps/shocks, which also lead to a bit of nausea and being lightheaded.  I am now 10 days off of the medication and I feel fine.  I'm still experiencing some brain shocks, but they are mostly mild and I know they won't last forever. I'll post more later.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

These are the days of our lives

We have been spending most of our days waiting for Ginny's job to start.  We have been trying to keep busy.  We try to get out of the apartment at least once a day so we don't go stir crazy.  Today, I even hit the pavement to find a job for myself.  I've already applied with several companies and have only heard from a few of them.  Today was no exception; minimal success.  I had one interview at Texas Roadhouse and I should hear something by next week.  

I have been documenting our little girl through pictures.  We are trying our hardest to keep up with her.  She is very mobile and we are learning what baby proofing is.  She is fascinated with the door stop on the front door.  It's an older one; just one spring.  She will sit in front of it for a good bit and just play with it until it comes off the wall; then she eats it.

She is climbing up on everything.  We have our bed in our living room (we have two queen beds and a two bedroom apartment and virtually no living room furniture) and she climbs up on the side of the bed if we are on it and tries to get up on the bed.  Hilarious!  Here's a picture of her climbing on the entertainment center; she sees her reflection in the glass (actually the baby that is on the other side of the glass ;-)) and wants to get in there. 

As I was folding clothes on the floor, she decided to come help me.  I decided to put a reusable swim diaper on her.  

We got this beanie/hat from a friend of Ginny's, Brianne, and it never really fit Kaylor very well.  But now, it does.

And, apparently, she loves to read the newspaper in her new hat.  (Yes, we are still in boxes.  As mentioned earlier, we are only in this apartment for a few more weeks so we kept most of our stuff packed out of convenience.)

A friend of ours, Pauli, and her friend Breanne, came down for a week for a little vay-cay.  We all went to our first Diamondback's game.  The stadium is amazing---it's a dome!!!  We carried little K in our harness.

This is what I came home to today.  Apparently Ginny is trying out for extreme couponing or at least loves to bathe in them on the bed.  HA.  Just kidding.  Ginny is very conscious of our finances and always tries to find the best deals.  We definitely did today.  Our new favorite store...Fresh and Easy!!!!
 We are having fun, camping out!  We definitely are ready for things to get rolling with this job so we can get some more normalcy back to our mundane lives.  But, it's an adventure to find things to do.  We found a $2 movie theater; we are so excited about it!  It takes me back to when Auntie Bea and I use to get dropped off there with our homemade popped popcorn and see our show!  

We definitely miss family but skype and texting correspondence helps!  Auntie Bea comes in a few days=amazing!! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yes, she's made it to 6 mos.  She's still adorable and everyone loves her.  She's also crawling a ton and we can't keep our hands on her.  She even pulls her self up to standing position.  Yes, she's only 6 mos.  Ha.  She's very good at finding electrical cords and shoving them in her mouth.  She still loves food and gets overly offended if we are eating and she is not. But we love her just the same.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two weeks strong and sweating

Actually, the weather isn't that bad.  Yes, it is 100+ degrees for most of the day.  But yesterday, we sat by the pool after about 7 and there was a nice breeze and it was comfortable, much better than tolerable.  

We have finally found a place to live and moved all of our stuff in yesterday, thanks to the amazing help of our friends, the George Family, and our new ward family.  Wards here are definitely different than Louisiana; something we knew coming into this adventure.  But several people introduced themselves to us at church and offered to help in our move.

We are subleasing an apartment from a member of this ward.  She needed to move out and we needed to move in.  The Lord definitely put us in the same path; tender mercies.  The lease will expire July 21 so we will find some place different before then.  In the meantime, we will be camping out, as Ginny's aunt Jeanette so eloquently described it.  We will go through a few boxes and keep the rest packed.  

Ginny had a second interview with an outreach company today and has a third one tomorrow with the athletic director of a local high school.  We feel really good about this one and hope she gets it.

Bonnie George, of the aforementioned family, and I went to high school together for a year and were best friends.  We have kept in moderate contact with one another over the 13 years since then and she even came to our sealing and reception!!  Now, little Bonnie is a grown adult and has her own family.  They live in the valley and we have become good friends with them.  They were gracious enough to let us stay in their beautiful home for a few days.  We felt like family there.  

Ginny's mom came to help us watch Kaylor as we ran the roads getting different things done.  She was such a big help!  It is nice to have them closer!  My parents are seriously contemplating moving closer as well; that will be a blessing.

Other than that, we are plugging along.  We have several friends/family members coming to visit us in the next month or so and we are anticipating their arrival.

Monday, May 28, 2012

5 months

Our little girl is growing and changing before our very eyes.  We have been amazed this past few weeks.  We feel she's made a lot of good improvements.

  • She loves to hear her voice.
  • She is much more attentive.
  • She loves sucking on our knees and pretty much anything else.  
  • She is starting to crawl.  She scoots for sure and is doing this lunging technique.
  • She can sit up by herself for a short time.
  • She loves anything electronic, the iPad, iPhone, Macbook, and remote control.
  • She's much better at getting in her car seat.
We love our little girl!  Here is her 5 mos. picture and another picture from this past weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We've made it

We are living in Apache Junction, east of Phoenix, with a friend of Ginny's.  We haven't found a place to live yet but are still looking.  My dad and I drove the 20ish hours while staying in San Antonio for a night.  We arrived in Mesa Saturday night around the same time as Ginny and Kaylor flew in.  Ginny had a good interview with her company and are told we will hear something by next Thursday.

We took a little vacay to Cali to visit Ginny's family.  We went to the LA temple today to do sealings.  It was really great to be in the celestial room and figure out some things.  We should be here through Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Into the woods...or desert...?

Confession.  We are moving to the Phoenix area and still have a hard time remembering the spelling of the city, oe or eo or F?  Ha.  I think I have it now but I still have to think about it, kind of like when I spell words like  "beautiful" or "Tim".  

We have all the boxes packed, loaded on the trailer and it is on it's way to sunny Arizona.  It should be there in 5 business days.  We rented space on a commercial trailer to save some extra $ and to save us the headache of dragging a trailer across the country.  Ginny and Kaylor are flying in Saturday and my dad and I leave Friday afternoon in the car.  A special thanks to everyone who helped us move!  Members of the ward came and even a member who works across the street hopped over to help out, unexpectedly.  

There are definitely mixed feelings of leaving Louisiana.  I was born here 30 years ago and grew up with the culture in my family's home even though I grew up outside of Louisiana.  I still have family here who I love and will miss seeing as often.  I will definitely miss the food and the culture.  I was looking out the window yesterday at our neighbor's yard and the beautiful green grass and majestic trees and the mulberries growing from it.  I will always remember this place in my heart and will be back soon, I'm sure, to visit.  I will not, however, miss the mugginess or the bugs!  We know this move is for the best.  It will be nice to have a little more spoils like being able to buy garments from a store and shopping at a Costco!  The population of our church is larger there and that will also be a plus.  

Ginny has been speculating as to what's going on in Kaylor's mind.  We have noticed her staring at the boxes in our house and we feel she recognizes that something is a mis and change lingers in the air.  Children are quite perceptive and even though we know not what goes on in that ever intriguing mind, we can only guess she feels a little uneasy.  This past week has been hard on us because she is not sleeping as she use to.  We hope once things settle down, she will be able to get back into a better routine.  She's just very curious and we feel she is always wondering what's going on.  

We have started her on real food.  She has tried squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and even green peppers.  She seems to love them all.  Although, the green pepper wasn't cooked (she just sucked on it while we were eating), she did like the taste, after the initial "this is not something I'm use to eating" face.  She also has been eating oatmeal 1-2 times a day.  We have been cooking the vegetables ourselves which is so much cheaper than store bought baby food and we feel like she likes it!  

Kaylor has also been getting up on all fours.  No crawling yet but she no longer stays in one place.  She can roll and "scoot".  The other day, Ginny was pumping in the rocking chair and Kaylor was on the floor.  Ginny kept calling Kaylor's name and she went from the middle of the floor to Ginny in about 2 minutes.  I'm pretty sure Kaylor knew what she was doing.

We love our little girl.  I'm glad I was able to type this long of a post (because she is sleeping).  I've had the immense pleasure of taking care of K while Ginny has been working this last week.  It is getting me ready for the big time when Ginny gets her full-time, big girl job in AZ.  

We will miss our friends and family in LA but are looking towards the West for a better opportunity to grow.  This definitely is not goodbye to the bayou but just see ya' later, alligator.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Finally.  So, Ginny, Kaylor and I took a week long trip to California.  We went to an Angel's game (Ginny's favorite team) and it was Kaylor's first professional BBall game.
The game was fun and Ginny was able to get a Weinersnitzel hotdog, one she loves!  We also went to DISNEYLAND for the first time!!  Well, it was my first time, Ginny's bizzilioneth time.  We left Kaylor with Ginny's parents so we could enjoy ourselves a bit more.  Plus, we are going back at Christmas and Kaylor will enjoy herself a lot more then.  Disneyland was awesome!  I think my favorite ride was Star Tours. We also went to California Adventure and saw World of Color!  That was amazing.  We ate at all of our favorite restaurants, The Hat, Vince's, In N Out (of course) and some legit mexican food!

We spent Easter with the whole fam in Cali and here are some pictures I took.  I've uploaded them on Picasa; just click here.

We also had Kaylor's blessing and my parents and Auntie Bea came for that as well.  We enjoyed a get together and Auntie Bea made about 70 cupcakes.  Crazy!  We also made some chocolate covered strawberries.

It was so much fun to be in California again.  We don't miss the traffic but we do miss the family and weather!  Although, our trip to the beach was freezing cold rain.  YUCK!  But, we jumped out of the car and got a few pictures anyway.

Monday, April 30, 2012


You know how we get so excited to see children accomplish new things?  "Yay!  She rolled over!"  "Yay, she can crawl!"  Well, we were way excited about Kalyor rolling from her tummy to her back.  She even can roll from her back to her tummy!  However, when she rolls from her tummy to her back during her nap...she wakes up.  We are no longer excited about this simple kinesthetic movement.  She no longer needs to roll over.

At the Train Station

Here are some pictures Lolita and I took at the train station.  I think I'm finally getting the hang of this. They are uploaded to Picasa and CLICK HERE.

Monday, April 23, 2012

More travels

No, I'm not posting pictures of our trip to California; although I should be since that was over a week ago (but I'm actually supposed to be working on homework right now...). 

My wonderful wife has found a job West of the Mississippi.  We are moving to the Phoenix area around the third week in May.  We are super excited about it and can't wait to be back West.  We have been looking for a job for several months and this seems to be the best fit for our family at this time.  She will be working at an orthopedic physical therapy clinic.  We will be about 5 hours from her family and a pretty good distance away from mine. It will be an adjustment, for sure.  We are unsure which area of Phoenix because there are three different clinics that are possibilities and we want to be closest to the clinic where she works.  We most likely will find out which clinic she will be working with when we move there so we will be in limbo until then as to where we may live.  We have several friends in the area that have offered lodging if needed.  Hopefully, we can just move there, find a place in a day or two, and move in.  

As for me, I will apply to ASU's Marriage and Family Therapy Program for Fall '13 and hope to get in.  In the meantime, I will be Mr. Mom and maybe pick up a part time job, if needed.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Photo Challenge Day 22

Day 22: The last thing I bought
It just so happens to be the last thing I bought is one of my most favorite desserts, custard.  I purchased it from Eddie's, a local here in Hammond.  However, I am not impressed with their business.  It was 2 hours from closing and they ran out of the flavor of the day.  I'm excited that I will no longer have to deal with this.  Culvers, here we come!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Challenge Day 21: Bottle

Friday, April 20, 2012

April Photo Challenge Day 20

Day 20: Something You Drew

April Photo Challenge Day 19

I know this picture is a little different but it shows the color orange in two ways. The piece of rug behind my head is very orange and was my original intent for the picture. However, when I accidentally captured my new red Rainbow sandal in the picture, the sandal became orange and the rug is more yellow. Crazy how the eye of the camera changes color depending on what is in frame.

Challenge: Orange

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Photo Challenge days 6-18

So, I took a little vacay with the family to Cali (blog posts to come later) and I didn't really have a steady access to or the time to use a computer. So, here are my photo challenge entries in order.

Day 6: Lunch
Day 7: Shadow
Day 8: What's in your wallet; Disneyland Tickets. They sell these at the local grocery store in Cali!
Day 9: A younger you; me with the easter bunny, maybe 2?

Day 10: Cold; my parents let us have their freezer, mainly to store it for them until they get into their own place again. I found this in the freezer when I opened it. It's my parent's laundry soap. I guess it goes bad after a while?

Day 11: Where I ate breakfast. While I was in Cali, our little girl really started going down for naps easily (even though as I'm typing this blog post, she is screaming to get out of her bed). We even put her on the floor on a blanket and she passed out. This is what I saw as I ate breakfast.
Day 12: Stairs; Who needs stairs when you have a papa around to lift you up.
Day 13: Something you found; We went to Babies R Us and Toys R Us to find this and we found it at Cosco, when we weren't even looking for it. HA! We want it so bad!
Day 14: How you feel today. (This line reminds me of the line from RENT, "How do you feel today?" If you can tell me which song it's in, we can be friends:-))I really didn't feel this way today but I LOVE the movie Madagascar so when I saw this, I had to tag it.
Day 15: Sunset; I forgot to take this.

Day 16: Flowers; These were at the place we took family pictures with Ginny's family. I LOVE bird of paradise.

Day 17: Something I don't like; I don't like anyone taking pictures of me while I'm sleeping but my sister loves it. I also don't like my pit sweat or my Dr. Pepper belly.

Day 18: Hair; My cousin Leesa (Lolita) has a hair cutting phobia. I tried to find the technical term for it because no one has named it yet. The closest thing I could find is Trichotillomania which is the disorder associated with pulling out your own hair, the opposite of what Leesa fears. She has anxiety anytime someone cuts their hair. So, she's what I think of when I think of hair. Here she is holding my pride and joy, my hairless beauty. I know she looks like a boy because of the outfit but it is indeed Kaylor.

Thursday, April 5, 2012