Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The vacuum cleaner that never looses suction.

For at least a year now, I've wanted something very much. I really can't think of how my obsession came to be, but quickly, it escalated. From the first time I saw it, really, I knew I wanted one. But it wasn't until this past year that my want turned drastically into a "if I don't have that I think I might not ever be complete" moment.

As usual, all of my major stories turn out to be funny by those who I love oh so dearly. So, I figured I would explain a little about my desire to possess a wonderful new machine called the Dyson.

To preface my escapade, I'd like to tell you how awesome this machine is. In one swoop of my home, it needed to have the dustbin emptied. And the dustbin is easily removed and with one button, the bottom of the dustbin is released as to dump all of the contents into the trash can. This way, there's no need to turn it upside down...shake or anything. Also, it's not very noisey, there's no need to ever replace the filter and it's highly powerful. It even vacuums on hardwood floors; better than a broom. Now that you know some of the great features...on with the show.

Every time I would go to Target, Wal-mart or anywhere that sold these beautiful creatures, I would usually make my way around to the vacuum cleaners. I really wanted to see them. Although, I used the excuse that I was checking the price to see if they were ever on sale. Which, occasionally they were, but I just needed to see them. On one such a occassion, a group of friends-that's right, I said friends- were with me. We strolled to my usual area and glanced at the beauties. Ok, I gauked at the son of a guns 'for I couldn't help myself! And we found it, the lowest price the Dyson ever had been. I called everyone except the bank to get a loan. I wanted it but didn't have enough money at the time and I was quitting my job and needed to save my money. I even called my roommate to see if he'd loan me the money. It was a drug and I needed it. After several minutes of whinning, a few jumps and maybe even a tear or two...oh and this was from all of my friends laughing at me as I had a small hissy-fit in the middle of Super Target-I held my head in shame and walked away.

But alas, yesterday, it happened! My true and wonderful friends revealed after we left that night, the Dyson was purchased for me for Christmas! I received it last night as a present and have not stopped loving it since. It's a fine peice of machinery and I recommend it to all!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Freakin' yeah!

First off, please allow me to point out; "yea" is from the scriptures and doesn't mean excitement; "yay" does show excitement and "yeah" is a slang of yes meaning in the affirmative. Please do not misuse these words.

YAY!!! I passed all my finals and I have a 3.33 as my GPA. Heck freakin' yeah!! I'm so excited.

Please continue with your shouts of joy and excitement for me...using Yay and Yeah properly!

Monday, December 22, 2008

B'in at its worst!

Warning: for those who don't like profanity, violence or still think I'm some innocent creature who loves all(I really do bytheway, not matter what you read) you may want to stay away from this post. I'm not happy and I feel like I have a right to vent about it. Although, there are several things I really can't vent about on here. Things that will be too personal for some who may or may not read this blog. For those issues, I have a wonderful, sweet, kind and lovely Glenda!

So my issues start with my employment. NO silly, not the wonderful Neuromedical Center, where I can do whatever the hell I want to amidst hearing complaints from patients. I'm speaking of none other than, the roofing business. I can't decide if I want to hide it in the carport or in the freezer-Ouizer?

Everything with this roofing business seems to be my fault. Even if it's not mistake-I have to fix it. I have to do everything in my power to make sure we're paid. No matter if I have to drive all around town to fix this problem. Or waste my lunch hour listening to a home owner become highly upset with problems of which are out of my hands now. Then, even if I fix the mistake-I still get the crap end of the deal. I may not even get paid squat for the job I've worked so hard to collect on. Ok-I'm done with that. There are more details, but they are not pertinent to the B'in.

Also, I really can't stand when people use things of mine and do not return them to my posession. Especially when the same person does things like this on a daily basis which irritate me. Even taking things of mine, eating things of mine and even driving things of mine without asking for permission. I'm very aware this person doesn't mean to do things solely for the purpose of irritation. But it's blantant disregard for people's personal property. And there's not concern. There's nothing. There's just a being who lives their life by their own rules and doesn't even understand that there may be other rules out there to live by. I'm concerned. I don't want this happen anymore. Just be aware of other's feelings!

Ok. I hope no small children were allowed to partake of this nasty feast of filth. I know this doesn't solve everything, however, I do feel better!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Walkin' in New Orleans

This weekend was Ouizer's annual work Christmas party. She works for a large company, spread mostly over the southern states and an office in Utah. Her company is very close-knit and personally pays for all of their employees to travel to their party, their hotel fair and dinner. The party this year was at the amazing Westin in New Orleans. The hotel is on Canal street, at the corner of French Quarter. With in minutes, we were at the heart of the Quarter, the French Market and the infamous Bourbon street. We even entered into Marie Lavou's Voodoo shop. I'll have to get more pictures posted of our trip, but I wanted to jot some stuff down out of memory.

Ouizer had the hotel Friday and Saturday night, so we both hoped in the car and took advantage of this opportunity. The hotel was amazing. We roomed on the 21st floor and had a nice view of the city. The beds were amazing. There's even a special pillow of which I loved wanted desperately to take home. We also wanted to take the beds and the dresser with us. Ouizer and I decided they might miss them, a little. She really wanted the double shower head from the bathroom. Although, I did take the toiletries...they smell so good!

Glenda met up with us Saturday morning and we toured the Quarter. We saw an awesome street show. There were four guys doin' break dancin/acrobatic stuff. But they were hilarious, too!

The party was very nice. Very hoity toity... The food was good as well.

The story of the trip, though, was when we were trying to check out. There were 4 elevators from the guest rooms to the lobby. When we decided to check out, only 1 elevator was working. We sat in front of the elevator and watched it open 5 different times-full of people-on 5 different trips. After the 5th time, I said, "Screw It," and went down the stairs. It was only 10 flights down to the lobby. But I straight up when down there and waiting for Ouizer and Glenda to come on down. They said they had to wait 4 more trips and finally they just crammed into one. It was hilarious.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sick...Smallville...school...sleep and survival?

"Somebody save me..." has been ringing in my head for a few days now. I borrowed the 6th and 7th seasons of one of the best series ever made, Smallville. I went on a huge kick a few years ago and borrowed the 1st-6th seasons of this super show and watched them. I started out with the first 4 and watched them in about a month. Then, I watched the 5th and most of the 6th. If I remember correctly, I had the 6th for almost 2 mos and felt so guilty that I returned the DVD's to the owner. But, I've had a load of time on my hands recently and I picked up the addiction once again! I finished the 6th season in a day or two. Within three days, I knocked out the 7th season, with ease. As it always does, it left me in severe suspense. I even lurked onto the internet to find the 8th season but my old laptop is too slow to buffer properly. :-(

The past few days, I've had an excuse to watch the famed show, I 've been sick. I normally get sick around this time of year so I've expected it. For some reason, I stopped taking my vitamins-thought I was CK. But the coughing is here and will hopefully be gone by the middle of the week.

My first "final" was this past Saturday. For my English class, we were instructed to write an Exit Exam. Basically, just to show that we've learned something during our semester in writing. My prompt question was, paraphrasing, "How does today's music reflect America's mood?" I hit at a unique angle, of which I might explain in a different post, if asked. I have my 2nd final tomorrow in Speech and my last two are next Tuesday, the 16th, for Math and Art. I just registered for my classes for next semester. I'm only taking 3. I'll research some of the online classes to see how much work is involved in case I want to add one. The reason I'm taking 3 is because I'm starting a full time job next week! I'm working at the Neuromedical Center. I'm way excited. I'll be a patient representative and working 830-5, M-F. I'll actually be getting off around 4 on Tuesday and Thursday. The pay isn't bad and the benefits are great! I'll have all weekends off and most holidays off, with pay! The job mainly consists of handeling patients who have extraordinary problems, i.e. showing up with out an appointment, insurance is invalid, rescheduling...anything! I think I'll love it. But with the added hours, I don't know if I can work the 40 hours a week and have time for school load. I've always planned on going to school during the summer, so it won't be a huge deal to miss one class...right?!?!? So, now, I can survive(I had to go with the S theme...)

Finally, sleep. I really love sleeping. I can just imagine me sitting in the pre-existance listening to the pro's and con's of the plan and when sleeping came up I said, "Oh, count me in!" Napping, sleeping, vegging, lying in the bed on a cold winter's morning. Oh, it's so nice. Such a way to ensure that I don't harm anyone around me...sleep.