Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can I vent and be random?

"Of course you can!!!" FYI, I really love to use random quotes and if anyone would like to finish them or identify where they come from, it would make me happy!

Venting. . . I can't really believe that people think it's OK to belittle anyone, just because you are not happy with your life. Although this happens most often during this time; meaning when people are not happy with their life they feel it's most appropriate to take out this frustration on others, namely me. Just think before you react. It's not nice, not professional and definitely not appreciated by anyone to feel the wrath of anyone scorned.

Today I had a little thought about being positive. There are so many things to be positive about. It doesn't happen over night as much as a gradual process over time. It needs to be taken slowly and is definitely has to be a conscious effort. Being positive could even be a way to show faith in something.

Monday, April 28, 2008

First one

How many times I've thought, "Hmm, I really would like to talk and not have any one interrupt me!" Now I can. I'm so incredibly happy! Today, I complete my first tell all. I'm very happy with my life and really don't want to change too much. There are some things that if I really worked at it, I could change, but who wants to work?

One day, when I'm awfully low...I might try to understand more about my life, what I want to be when I grow up, what kind of life I will have, and what could be improved about the life I have now. But until then, I'll just call this my first blog and be done with it.