Friday, October 30, 2009

But I can't forget, what I did for love

For at least a year, I've wanted a computer manufactured by Apple. I was unsure what kind I wanted or even what kind they offered. A few of my friends had such a computer and I began to slowly study and ask questions to find out if I really wanted...needed one. I have a laptop that was given to my by my parents 6 years ago. It's lasted me through thick and thin. But it came time for me to start thinking about purchasing a new computer. I debated and researched and tried several times to get one. I guess luck would have it that I have crappy credit because I've attempted to get a Dell, HP and a few others by financing but to no avail.

The time came when I realized that I really and truly wanted an Apple product. I tried by my own means but was unsuccessful. I knew I needed a computer for school. It wasn't horrible last year but it would be so much more convenient to have one with me wherever I go. My laptop did not have a long battery life. I can only use it for abo
ut 15 minutes w/o it shutting down. Also, it overheats quite often. So, it was decided. I need a knew computer. And as I've always done, I want the best. This usually means the most expensive. And in this case, it was the same.

I researched the Apple website. I implored the expertise of my friends. I tried the Apple store, the website and my friends and finally figured out I wanted the Macbook Pro!
My amazing parents agreed to finance the cost of this amazing machine. The loan was approved yesterday and today, I couldn't wait any longer. Now, I have my computer. My dream has arrived and I'm thrilled. Thanks to my parents and the amazing Apple company!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Journal

I'm really not sure what's going on in my life right now. I work two jobs and am about to start school again in January. I live with three guys; about to be four. I'm just here. I really would love to be about 5 years in the future. But I'll take my time as it comes and hope for the best.

Today, when I left work, I thought "I wanna hit something, I wanna hit it hard."

Good night.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Party like it's 1999

Of course, this is a monumental post for a few reasons. First, I've never posted twice in one day, ever! Next, I have a declaration from a very kind couple about my skills as a server. And finally, I'm kinda amazing!

I work at Don's Seafood Hut on two nights a week as a server. I've always loved serving. I did it for two years at a different location for the same company but now I am in Gonzales. It's a great place to work and I really love doing what I do. Well, tonight, my first real table was a couple who seemed like any other table. They were inquisitive of the menu and I was happy to help them. Although, I didn't arrive at work in a good mood, they left me something that was super nice and something I've never received in the 4 years I've been serving. I've received compliments, tips of large proportions (no blank checks) and regulars who have asked for me. But never have I received this:
I was so moved. It completely turned my day around.

Of course, I love hearing compliments and I shared it with everyone. But the real reason for this post is to show everyone two things. First, a compliment is so important. We all need them and it feels so good to get them and to give them. Second, servers are highly trained individuals and should be recognized. We work out butts off, truly for our money. My full time job, there are days that I can work hardly at all, but I will still get paid. If servers don't work a lot, they don't get paid a lot.

As a plea, do not tip your server less than 15%. If you feel you need to, please inform the management as to the reason. Or, if you feel you can't afford it, do take out or fast food. Do not waste a server's time and then leave then any thing less than they deserve. And please acknowledge them if they do a good job! We all need compliments.

I am on my way!

I just woke up this Saturday morning at 1036. It was glorious. I probably could have gone to pee and then jump back in bed, but I decided I needed to get up. I ate a bowl of cereal while I checked my Facebook and make small chit chat with my roommate and then listen to our toilet constantly running. I've already opened the door for a guest in our house and felt the cool breeze of Fall. This is definitely the best time and my most favorite season of the year. Yes, my birthday falls in this great Autumn season but it just seems so peaceful. So eloquent. As our Father paints the trees with reds, yellows and oranges. As the wind blows almost every day. As Jupiter's moons are easily visible...all in a straight row. It's a great time of year. (side note: another roommate just started whistling, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." Now, I know Christmastimme claims that carol, but it was fitting for my point.

My iPod broke a few months ago. I was on my Colorado trip and I noticed that it wasn't holding a charge. It made me very sad. She's old and it was probably her time. Plus, it was a refirbished one and I got it for pennies. I feel I got the most out of it. So, as all of you may or may not know, I've been obsessing over a MacBook Pro. I probably caruse the Apple website more than a few times a week. Ok, so like everyday, don't hate! I was looking at some of the other iPods available. I really wanted an iPod touch. However, I couldn't see spending $200 on it when it holds the same amount of songs as a Nano. I also couldn't see spending any money on something new unless I knew that my iPod Classic was kaput. I brought it to the Apple store, turned it in for what I thought might be an in patient surgery and left my baby there. I got a phone call with in a few hours...the jury's back already? There was nothing they could do to save my innocent friend but they could offer me a replacement one for the $129. OR I could get an brand new iPod Nano for $149 and then take 10% off with the recylce program. So, that's indeed what I did. The new Nano has a lot of neat features. I can't wait for my MacBook Pro so I can fully appreciate the Apple nation. But, I am on my way, I can go the distance!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not a *BLANK* thing

I just had a conversation with my roommate. I really want a family. I was actually looking at a blog of some friends with an adorable child and I yelled, "I want kids." He asked what I was doing about the situation. I replied, "Not a damn thing." He told me that there are many ways I can do this. It made me laugh. The first two were adoption and then kidnap a child. Then he said I probably can't adopt any children...obviously. He also thinks that Wikepedia has all the answers.

I was also told that I haven't entered a blog recently. My life has been less than thrilling. Although, my new desire is to obtain a MacBook Pro. I think I've always had expensive tastes. For instance, when shopping for school clothes earlier in my life, I'd normally come to my mom with articles of clothing to which my mom would exclaim, "did you have to pick the most expensive..." Also, I just had to have a Dyson, which I now love! And now, I need a new computer and I really only want the best. And the best is a MacBook Pro. I know it's expensive, but it's the best, and don't I deserve the best? So, hopefully, within a month or so (before school starts) I'll have one.

Speaking of school, I spoke to a counselor yesterday at BRCC. I'll be starting classes again in the fall. Not sure how I'll afford paying for a computer and classes and still finding time to acutally do the classes. But I'm doing it.