Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is it almost February?

WOW!  Since you last saw the Garner family, not too much has changed.  Ginny is still working and I am still in school.  I am still working at Five Guys but have moved locations (long story).  But I'm at the location closer to our house, I have more hours and I am a lot happier there.  Even Ginny noticed a difference.  

I have been sick this last week.  Just some viral cough that is obviously going around.  I'm getting better but I hope and pray my girls don't get it.  Little kids coughing is unbearably sad.  

I am still in my first official class at UOPX.  It is only 6 class periods, but we had three holidays as well (Christmas, New Years and MLK); that's why it's taking so long.  I have two more classes and then I am done with this one.  It's a very interesting class about counseling the culturally diverse.  Our teacher is a little laid back which makes it much easier but it's still a fun class.  With UOPX, we break up into learning teams.  My learning team is three other students and we all work really well together.  

Ginny and I recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary.  We had sushi (YUMMMMM!!!) and then went shopping. 

 We also got ourselves a new bed.  It's the first actual bed we have had since we got married. Our box spring was injured in the move so we needed a new one anyway and we both wanted a headboard.  So, we took ourselves to Ikea and got one.  I've always wanted the one with the slats instead of a box spring.  We got the bed, brought it home and put it together.  It was a little labor intensive but we got it done and it looks amazing.  Below is the bed after it was completed with no mattress followed by the bed with the new duvet cover.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hot Dog! Hot Dog! Hot Diggety Dog!

Our little girl turned one!  Ginny and the Aunties made some great decorations.  We invited all of our family and my parents were able to fly out as well.  Kaylor had a fun time!
My parents got this little couch for K.  She LOVES it.  It can fold out to a bed too. She loves to sit on things so we knew this would be best. 

Nanny took this picture of Kaylor in Aunt Bea's dress.  She really made that dress in 5 minutes.  Ginny made the 1.

Of course, Aunt Bea made both cakes for Kaylor.

This is the rest of the cake.

Our family.



She didn't leave much.

WOW...I have a lot to post

So, our last few months have been filled with plenty to blog about.  I don't know if I can fit it all in one post, but I'll definitely sum up the highlights.

Ginny, Kaylor and I had a great Thanksgiving.  We spent it with Ginny's aunt and uncle and their family.  We snapped a little shot of us since we were looking super cute.  

Since Ginny has been working a lot, Kaylor and I have been spending a lot of time together.  I have some super cute shots of her, too.

Of course, she's walking (and climbing) everywhere.  We kept her toys in our ottoman for a while, so the last shot is her digging in there to get there very last one out.  She can say some words fairly clearly: 
  • dadda
  • momma
  • ball
  • bah-bye complete with a wave
She also says some other words she has made up that resemble the original one.
  • rah-rah is her frog that she sleeps with or water
  • mah-mah is mickey mouse, milk, and high five
  • bah accompanied with distinct pointing is "What is that?"
She loves our iPhones and throws quite a fit if we don't let her have one of them.  She loves to just see the picture on the front of it and kiss it.  She is officially off of formula which is such a blessing.  She loves jelly sandwiches, peas, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas and puffs.  She has been giving very grumpy faces to strangers and even to friends.  But she is very sweet and still sleeping well.  She has a bit of a runny nose but is in good spirits.

After Thanksgiving,  Ouizer and Dolly came to visit.  Well, first, we all went to Vegas.  Ouizer's company paid for a flight + 1 to go to Vegas.  Ginny, Kaylor and I drove up and spent a few days with them.  We tried to take them to as many of our favorite places as we could fit in the two days.  We had a blast.  While the girls went to their Christmas party, Ginny and I hid out in the bathroom so Kaylor could fall asleep in the room.  We set up a little pallet (blankets and pillows) to watch a movie until she knocked out.  Sadly, it's the only pictures I have from Vegas; especially since we went to Cane's to eat lunch the day we left (AMAZING!)  I guess what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.  After Vegas, all of us came back and the aunties spent a little while with us. 

I won't mention the unmentionable happenings on our way back from Vegas.  All I can say is Dolly hates Canes and Hot Chocolate now and she left her boots on the freeway.

Of course, no trip to Cali is not complete without a trip to Ikea.  Kaylor and Dolly decided they needed to rest in the buggie.

Oh, and we also made a stop at the Happiest Place on Earth.

We also celebrated Kaylor's first birthday.  Ginny had the great idea of making it a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party (thank you Pinterest).  

Aunt Bea (Ouizer) made Kaylor a cute pillow case dress.  More pics to come.

Dolly (Nanny), Ginny and I decided to be healthy and run a 5K.  We did the Reindeer Run for the YMCA in Chino.


And last but not least is Christmas.  We had our first official Christmas together as a family with just us.  We spent the Eve with Ginny's Aunt's family and then Christmas morning was just our little three.  Aunt Bea also made Kaylor a Christmas dress.  It is adorable.  

This is a picture of Kaylor at Ginny's parent's house in the dress Aunt Bea made.  It doesn't display exactly how cute it is but I loved it.  Thank Aunt Bea!

Ok, I think that covers everything.  Ginny and I are training for a half marathon.  We started jogging and are doing well.  We are looking to run one in about June.  Wish us luck!