Friday, February 28, 2014

She's here!!!

Baby Keagan is finally here.  And here's the story of her entering our lives.

Early Friday 21 February morning, Ginny awoke around 230 with some birthing waves. We timed a few but they were not strong enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.  Our hospital was a bit closer this time and, let's face it, we are pros at birthin' dem babies naw.  Ginny tried to get some rest, and so did I.  Around 730, her birthing waves got closer but Ginny opted to stay home to be more comfortable in our bed.  We rested, watched some TV, took showers and prepared everything to head out the door.  Around 930, Ginny asked if we should go to the hospital, I was all for it.  On the way, Ginny mentioned, "I wanna have this baby by noon." I agreed but was not completely assured. We left and made it to the hospital around 10.  We were triaged and Ginny was 6 cm and 80 % effaced.  Needless to say, they admitted us.  I'll spare the gory details, like Brandie almost getting hit with amniotic fluid and such but after she came out, Ginny commented, "Tim, look at the clock." It was 1158.  I don't know how the woman does it, but she's my hero.  Here are the general stats. Keagan Marie, born Friday 21 February 2014 at 1158 (officially 1201, but we know it was 1158), 8 lbs. 9 oz. 19 inches.  She was very healthy.  We stayed in the hospital for a day then came home. We had a stint with the pediatrician after discharge for jaundice but K2 is much better now. Here are some pictures.  Please excuse the model status. I know we are beautiful people, especially with no sleep. It's in the Cajun blood.  Hopefully I can get some better shots of K2 in the next day or two. 

                                  Sorry for the dark quality, it just shows the weight on the scale.
                                                                   Happy Aunt Bea
                                                                I guess she looks like me.
                                                  My three ladies, big sister is so excited!
                                                             The first family photo
             The hospital gave us a celebratory meal. I had shrimp and Ginny had steak.  We halved each. I LOVED the mini Martinelli bottle.

 NEWS flash, Kaylor grabbed her pillow the day we came home, told us she wanted to go nigh nigh and fell asleep on the floor-----by herself. This NEVER happens.  We were completely shocked!!
The below picture is the newest of K2.  She had her eyes open all morning today.  Had to capture that sweet face.


Brandie Garner said...

I'm traumatized I tell you!!! TRAUMATIZED!!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it would be possible, but K2 looks more like you than k1 did! So cute! And I want the gory details! Congrats. She is beautiful! -colleen

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

she looks so much like you!!! i'm so glad everything went well, sounds like Ginny is quite the birthing pro! We are so happy for you all and can't wait for our littles to meet!

korie said...

Catching up on your blog. Love all the pictures! Can't wait to see you guys!!