Monday, March 24, 2014

The past 36 hours

Saturday night was a little adventurous.  I had a little sinus infection a few weeks ago and I think I infected K1 with it.  Since K1 can't keep her hands, mouth, juice cup, milk cup, kisses, snuggles away from K2 (and neither can I-all except the juice and milk cups), K2 started getting a little mucusy Friday night.  She had a little trouble sleeping Friday but Saturday she was fine.  Saturday night, however, she was up with some gagging coughs and had already puked a belly full of mucus and milk.  Around 0430, after 4 hours of coughing and lack of sleep, we reluctantly went to the ER.  We are both stubborn and voted least likely to admit you child to the hospital for a common cold (parents, if your child is coughing, sneezing with other cold symptoms but still drinking and urinating well, it's probably safe to just hydrate them and keep them home.  You DO NOT need to go to an ER for the common cold or cold-like symptoms, maybe an urgent care but try to go to your PCP or family practitioner.).  However, since K2 is only four weeks old and has a poor immune system ( a pretty good one thanks to Ginny's desire to breastfeed ), we opted to have her checked out. With scares like pertussis (whopping cough), RSV, and influenza around we knew we should be better safe than sorry.  We arrived at the ER around 0450 Sunday morning, K2 was diagnosed with RSV, and we just made it home an hour ago (1230 Monday). We are so grateful for a priesthood blessing and our prompting to get her checked.  The hospital was not fun but we were definitely taken care of. She has a little nasal congestion but is still eating well.  We are also grateful from Aunt Bea taking care of the home front and Momma and Boppa for watching K1.  We definitely did not want to spend a day in the hospital, but thank goodness this little girl is a fighter and nothing can get her down! 


Mike, Adi & Drew said...

scary! Susanna had it when she was little but not that young! Sounds like y'all did the right thing and are doing wonderfully as parents of 2! Hope she feels even better soon! Love y'all!