Friday, April 4, 2014

doesn't have to be a snowman

The saga has continued.  After going home from the hospital, we needed to follow up with our pediatrician.  We saw her last Thursday and she was very concerned with K2's cough.  We had a few breathing treatments and were sent home with some antibiotics and a nebulizer.  The doctor was fearful K2 might have pertussis but we have since learned she does not.  She's much better now and we are definitely getting better. It was an ordeal and some sleepless nights.  However, she's made up for it now and has already slept for 8 hours one night.  She's going to bed around 9 and getting up around 5.  Last night, she slept around 1030, woke up a 430 for a lil snack and then not again until 630...we'll take it! 

Ginny goes back to work Monday.  She was supposed to start part time this week but we were a little preoccupied with K2's cough. 

And just to update on my schooling, I am about halfway done with the actually schooling part.  I have a portfolio class in two weeks that will determine if I have learned enough to continue with the program.  Then, in a little over a year, I can start my internship! 

Aunt Bea is doing a great job helping all of us!  Today, we are going eat Sushi and so freaking excited.  Ginny takes a sabbatical from sushi while pregnant.  OF COURSE, we have already eaten sushi since then. But we are going to our favorite place today!